Friday, February 3, 2012

Kuwaiti Flash Mob! (Continuously UPDATED)

So, how are you doing post-election day? ;)

Shocked? Surprised? Frustrated? Numb? Pessimistic?

Well, I'm still keeping it positive! :D

And I know I'm not the only one; Zain and Cinemagic are keeping it positive too!


If your spirits weren't lifted; then you might not have any!

I never thought I'd watch a flash mob video that actually happened in Kuwait! We so need more of these!!
I got tears in my eyes! The patriotic songs used are my top faves! Especially "Ana Kuwaiti"! Oh my God, I used to sing this one repeatedly during the times of the liberation! :'D

3ad I was planning to go the Avenues today but I couldn't! Wish I made it, maybe I would've seen this!!! Flash mobs aren't supposed to be announced, so nobody would notify me! Hopefully one day I'll witness something like this!

Shout out to all those souls who keep spreading positivity around! You guys rock! Kuwait has faith in those who have faith in it!

NEVER lose hope!


I shall be adding more videos as I discover them ;)

Reactions were hailing all over the place since the videos went viral! A simple search with the words "flash mob Kuwait" over Twitter would get you hundreds of tweets praising this new national celebration! Bloggosphere could not miss this too; here some links:

Check out The Avenues twitter page for a lovely set of pictures of the flash!

*Special Thanks to Bloggylife for sharing the first video!



  1. omg.. so amazing! :D wish i was there.. i think i wouldve danced lol and then my parents would disown me,, but who gives a shit xD cool

    1. hahaha! Wish we both were there! Maybe I would've danced as well! ;P xD nah, I would've just grabbed my mobile to tape it! 7adda wanasa! ;DD

  2. I liked it :)
    This version is better though

    1. THANKS!!! I'm looking for other versions! Shall add it to the post!

      Thanks for stopping by! keep visiting! ^^

  3. i miss kuwait and videos like this make it worse :(

    allah ydeem 3laina il fara7 wil sa3ada wil khair..

    1. Ameen, ya tab al3alameen.

      We all miss the beautiful feel of the old days, but that's mainly because we don't give the present a chance and just keep reminiscing over "selective" happier memories. The past was not always 100% bright, and so is the present. There's nothing absolute about any of them. We just choose to label them with what we see fit according to our "feelings". But if we just stop doing so, and at least try to keep it positive, we'll see the good in both of them, the old and the new. If we learn to see good in everything, then everything will be good! :)

  4. kalam jameel.. and i totally agree with it. but you misunderstood me. yes, i do miss kuwait of the past, kuwait ayam telefon bashar w snake 2.. but i meant that i literally miss kuwait since its been over 4 years since i was back home.

    yala hanet.. allah kareem.

    1. Are you studying abroad? Good Luck! Oh, so your comment was totally personal then, I understand! I was just talking in general :)




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