Monday, October 11, 2010

Stood Up For a Kitty... Got a Free Meal

Oh my God. 

I cannot believe what just happened. I've just got home after a very long day, longing to sit back and have dinner before crashing dead asleep. My stomach is silently rumbling at the moment, especially when the delicious distinctive smell of the food I just ordered from a local famous chain restaurant is luring me to have it. But I'm not so eager to have it anymore. Somehow, I feel it's not right. 

Why? Well, I got it for free.


You might think I might be crazy not to be happy to have something for free; everyone looooves anything free & cannot even think twice about not accepting something for free. Well, I don't. I feel that I don't deserve this food that I did not pay for. There's a huge lump in my chest preventing me from feeling OK with it. 

OK, let me tell you the story...

I went to this local branch of a very famous chain restaurant to order dinner. I chose to order from the car hop. As I was waiting to pick my order, I watched this cute adorable cat that is a friend of the restaurant that keeps present next to the delivery door, I longed to go and just rub her head fondly. As I was watching the cat & enjoying the scene, a little kitten came on and sat cutely in front of the delivery door, surely anticipating some food to be thrown at him/her and his/her mother. Instead, the kitty almost got crushed by the foot of a delivery man that had came out heading to his bike, and received a heartless kick that got him/her flying down the little stairs and away from the man's way.

I completely and totally got shocked. I didn't see that coming at all. I was just happily watching that cute adorable creature, who was just calling out to the world, "Hey, look at me! I'm soooo cute, I want to eat; feed me!", and was going all "Awwww! So cute! Awwww!"; watching it get almost crushed & kicked like that wasn't at all in my what-might-happen-scenario. I mean, the kitties looked so close to the employees, and it's not the first time I've seen them at that restaurant. They are not that afraid of the the men walking around and are just acting almost like any pet cat you have. But even though, some of the employees seem to be friendly with the cats, (as no cat would get so close to any person unless they'd been friendly to them), some of them aren't acting friendly at all. 

All baffled, I looked at the delivery man. He caught me eye & smiled. 


He just continued walking to his bike. Funnily enough, I found myself smiling. 


I believe I had a smile on my face because I was initially smiling at the kitties and the the shock just prevented me from functioning well for that moment. I immediately got my sense back later and was scolding him for what he did. He couldn't hear me though, the windows weren't down. However, I'm sure anyone could tell from my body language & facial expressions, that even though I smiled (for nanoseconds!), I was clearly upset with what he just did and highly disapproved of it. But he didn't do anything, and just drove off. 

That's when I just felt I needed to do something.

I kept looking for the little kitty that suddenly disappeared. I was like, "Oh, my God, where did he/she go??" I thought of coming down from the car. I even unhooked my driver's seat. But the small cluster of restaurant employees standing outside (who might be on their break, and could have been oblivious to what had just happened), and the fear of creating a scene prevented me from doing that. Instead, I just thought of walking away and not getting my order. After all, how am I going to have anything to eat from that restaurant after what just happened?? I was getting really upset, that I was no longer hungry. Especially, to have their food. I switched the gear to R, and placed my right foot on the fuel preparing to go.

But then, it hit me. What will that do? Why would that be of any benefit? It certainly won't get anything changed. So instead of just going away without saying anything and fleeing the scene as if I discovered that I didn't have money to pay & wanted to avoid the embarrassment, I decided not to go before talking to the manager of the restaurant & tell him what just happened. So, I opened the window and called out to the man in a distinctive looking uniform than the rest of the employees that were standing outside whom I figured to be the manager, & then he came out to me. 

This is pretty much what went on, on our conversation:

Manager: "Yes, how can I help you?"
Me (trying to sound assertive than emotional): "Yes, hello, are you the manager?" 
He confirmed that he was, so I continued: "I'm sorry, but did you see what just happened? "
He looked a bit blank, wondered what I was referring to. He said that he didn't know what just happened.

I told him what happened, and that I no longer wish to have my order. I tried hard not to go emotional and successfully kept my tears away all throughout the conversation. I appeared tough from the outside, even though the words I spoke could tell that I'm a very caring person. Lucky for me, the manager was a sweet person; he cared for what I was saying & did not regard me as if I was some kind of Animal Rights crazy activist. I'm not. I just happen to care about animals, and cats are my favorite kind of animals ever. Whenever I see a cat or a kitty walking or running on the street, I always feel scared whenever they are passing by on the road, & pray to God not to run by one by mistake, 'cause that will kill me.

We continued talking for a while. I wish I can remember each word we said, but at the end of the conversation, these were the results:

The manager was very friendly, and quickly assured me that he will talk to the delivery man (which he did as the man came back later), right away offered me free dinner when I said I didn't feel like eating anymore, and asked me not to boycott the restaurant (I don't think I said anything about boycotting... but he just didn't want to lose any customer, it was clear. He was just doing his job). 

I really felt more upset that he offered to give me my order without paying and really wished just to go; having him talk to the man would be enough for me. But he kept insisting and insisting, until I reluctantly accepted at the end, (I still wish that I didn't take it), and only after a very long string of NO NOs, and after a promise that the message will be sent and the issue will be addressed, (and by addressing the issue, I meant not having the cats to be thrown out - I don't mind having cats roaming around restaurants as long as the employees' hands stay away from them and the cats remain outside).

The delivery man has arrived back then, and the manager had a little talk with him, (I didn't see him talk to him, though, but he told me later that he did. In his defense, the man said that he didn't see it and almost crushed it. So I guess, kicking him was a way to save the kitty from being crushed?? Please! I saw how heartlessly his kick was, not a real kick by accident; it was deliberate! 
But I cannot be sure about him not seeing it or not, he might have not really seen it. Still, kicking it is NO EXCUSE! You could just walk out of it's way, you know!

My guilt and unrest for taking the food without paying really halted me from going off in peace. So I drove back almost immediately, and looked for the manager again. He was inside talking to the delivery man by that time (as he told me later). I told him that I don't wanna be a reason for somebody's paycheck to be cut down or anything, and I don't want somebody to pray to God against me for ruining their day because of a little kitty and I hated to have my order without paying for it, but he kept insisting "genuinely" that I shouldn't mention it and shall be at peace with it.

But I still am not. Even though, I'm really starting to feel hungry. My order must be so beyond cold by now.


It's true, the little kitty came back looking all fine & happy, anticipating some food again, but I know God doesn't allow anything like this. I and lots of other people certainly don't either. I usually see and hear horrendous violent acts against animals, sometimes right in front me, (like the cats -or shall I say, what remains of them- run on the streets everyday), but I rarely do anything "beneficial" about it except for going all in shock, tears, anger, or frequently joining animal lovers/supporters groups on Facebook. So, unless I start doing something that will really help spread the message about Animal Abuse and the need to be more humane & peaceful to the helpless animals, then all the tears, and fits of shock and anger won't do me any good, because it won't do the animals any good.

So, if anyone reading this now, and who has come across some heartless act like this towards animals, children, or any other helpless creature, the next time you encounter anything that raises a red flag in you, please don't look away & do something about it.

(Who knows, you might get something better than a free meal! ;P)


Narrated Ibn 'Umar: The Prophet said, "A woman entered the (Hell) Fire because of a cat which she had tied, neither giving it food nor setting it free to eat from the vermin of the earth."  (Book #54, Hadith #535)


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

See You Soon, Ramadan, See you soon, Teddy! Teddy.B Posts His Last 365th Post

As Muslims around the world say goodbye to the the greatest month of the year, the month of peace & mercy, Ramadan, may we all live to welcome it each year, Ameen; we are saying to goodbye to another beautiful thing too. A little stuffed bear that has entered our lives a year ago, & have entertained us every day since, as we accompanied him on his daily amusing travels.

In case you were hibernating all throughout the year or were living under a rock, & don't know who that stuffed bear I'm talking about is, well, his name is Teddy.B, has his own blog called "Year of Teddy" that had/has special mission & cause behind it.

As described in his blog;

Teddy is an alter ego. He willingly volunteered to become a social experiment to help someone settle back into their society. He was made in China, arrived here through a cargo delivery & was found in a toy shop in Kuwait. He doesn't recall any of his relatives & he's looking for love, friendship, & a steady life style. He roams around trying to experience the Kuwaiti life, dragging his owner with him. (Year of

   Check out Teddy.B!  

A few days ago, fans & Teddy.B followers bid farewell to the fluffy little bear as they read his last post that marked the 365th day of Teddy's year & & the countdown Teddy watch was forever stopped.

Yet, another countdown has started, as in  just a few weeks or so, Teddy will accomplish his last deed as he will be sold to charity as a beautiful ending to his social experiment/cause.

I wish I could go into further details, but I shall be brief now as I'm short on time; as you know, Eid is just a few hours away & I still got lots of stuff to do before I get some much needed sleep. But stay tuned for a more in depth "special" post about this little fluffy friend very soon (in sha' Allah).

In the mean time, check out "Year of Teddy" to learn more about him & his special social experiment & beautiful charitable cause through going through his lovely & amusing daily photographic journal.

See You Soon, Ted!


It's the last day of Ramadan, may we get to observe it every year, wishing all Muslims around the world accepted fasting & praying, ameen, & Happy Eid!

تقبل الله طاعتكم و كل عام و أنتم بخير


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Starting to Feel "Really" Empty Now...

Now it's just an empty cage.


I know you might be wondering what's the post is about, but you have to wait, mt emotional state is not very well right now (Plus I'm tired & thirsty & Futoor time is soon....)

However, I would love to read what you think it's about...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Most Hilarious ad of Ramadan! دعاية سوق السالمية 2010 - ستايلي و ستايلك

من أول يوم  رمضان و انا ميتة ضحك على دعاية "سوق السالمية" اليديدة

Ever since the first day of Ramadan & all laughs at the new "HILARIOUS" Souq Al-Salmiya ad!

حدها تعقد هالدعاية هههههه و أهم شي الأخير (اللي عاليسار) بو فنيلة تتراقص فوق و تحت! ههههه يموتني من الضحك!
و من الملاقة ما يضحك! قصدي يموت من الضحك! هههههه

بس انتوا لاحظتوا شلون تتراقص فنايلهم؟ جنهم صج تحت البحر! هههههه
تهقون هذا القصد؟؟؟


The three sailors' dancing "Tees" are utterly PRICELESS! hee hee xD
They look as if they're really in the water! hahaha! xD Amazing! You think that's why they made them look this way? Who knows, that's probably it.

Whatever the reason behind, it sure got us cracking up! hee hee

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Typical First Day of Ramadan

Just a few hours ago, the mere sight of any picture of any dish (no matter how tasty it really is -or isn't! - in reality) looked so delicious & mouth-watering. But now, (after breaking the fast - the hard way), it's a real burden to even stand the thought of the word "food". You desperately wish you can fall dead asleep.

Typical first day of Ramadan.

الحمدلله على النعمة ، الحمد لله الذي أطعمني هذا و رزقنيه من غير حول مني و لا قوة 

اللهم تمم علينا نعمك و ارزقنا من غير لا نحتسب


How's your typical first day of Ramadan like? :D

Happy Ramadan مبارك عليكم الشهر و عساكم من عواده :)

I just wanna wish all Muslims a blissful & joyful Ramadan, may we all come to witness it more & more.

مبارك عليكم الشهر و عساكم من عواده

P.S: I tried to be creative this year & use a greeting I made myself, well, so much for being creative when you have very little free-time! hee hee but hey, at least I didn't use some free greeting card as usual! ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Donate Blood This Weekend

Have you ever wished to donate blood? Well, now is your chance. Join the special three day donation event hosted by "E7na Lha" (إحنا لها), a Kuwaiti youth campaign this weekend & help save a life.

The event will be held at Al Fanar from 7 p.m till 10 p.m


Check out the campaign's Facebook group for more information or RSVP to the event here.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

2/8/90: A Day of Reflection

It's that time of year, again. That time, when each Kuwaiti soul reflects on a day when the land they cherish & adore have been raped & stolen by a once trusted neighbor & friend; a day which for many of us will never be forgotten.

I can sit & write down about what goes inside my heart & mind during this time of year (or whenever I get a recollection of the invasion anytime throughout the year) but right now I choose to go light, & save the take for later.

To be continued...

To Be Continued...

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Feeding!!! ;P

Being an English student, I've always thought I could do better at translation, & that it's one of my weakest skills, but whenever I see the hilarious (& ridiculous) attempts at translations here & there, I feel that I'm soooo underestimating myself!

Just watch any movie in English & check out the subtitles in Arabic; you'd find wonders!!! 
For example, the other day I was watching this movie when this guy tells this girl that she's hot:

Guy: "I think you're hot!"
Girl (to her bffs:) "He said I'm hot"

Wanna know how they came out in poor translation?

Guy: "أعتقد انك مليئة بالحرارة"
Girl: "قال إنني أتمتع بالحرارة"

Hilariously ridiculous & shameful!!!

Another example:

Eng: "Go straight ahead."
Ar: "امش بخط مستقيم"

Couldn't they use a more appropriate translation? What's wrong with "امض قدماً"?

Seriously, why don't they hire professionals to do the job & not depend on people who are poor at this job, or worse, depend a machine to do the translation without bothering to check up after it?! It's so ridiculous & really shameful! It sure makes me laugh, but come on!!! Translation is one thing & literal translation is a whole different thing!!!

But literal translation is not always the problem. Sometimes, the subtitles are worse than what was already said! (Gives more than the needed meaning). 


Eng: "She's not easy!"
Ar: "إنها ليست عا..." (a word that describes the woman that does kinda job)

I swear I could not believe my eyes! I was like, what the?? O.o!!! Usually, you'd expect it the other way around! 

I could go on forever listing examples as they are more than abundant, & do not only appear in movies. Like this hilarious find I just stumbled upon today:

"I'm Feeding"?? Feeding what? loool

I'm sure you all have your share of "Lost in Translation" examples, so please be generous & share some of the funniest you've stumbled upon with us! :D

Record-breaking 3 - Year Trip at Sea

BBC News: "A sailor has returned to shore after spending more than three years at sea without touching dry land."


Read more: [Link]

Story & Photo credits: BBC NEWS

Monday, June 14, 2010 Rewarded Constructive Criticism with Deletion


When I started out this blog, I wanted to have a little space where I could share my thoughts & points of view on things that interest me & catch my attention in this life, things that should be addressed, things that bother me, simply just about anything that pops into my head & I feel/think I should write about it.

Bit by bit, I started out exploring the world of blogging & journalism, which I found myself to have fallen in love with. I loved to feature potentials, ambitions, & everything that will make me (& others) go "Wow, you go, people!".

I stumble upon great finds everyday, but these finds that I think are worthy of a spotlight do not always make it into the blog for many reasons, such as topic getting outdated, been covered too many times, or simply losing its glare & is no longer interesting me, (oh, not to forget I only have two hands!). Plus, I'm a perfectionist, I prefer writing a fulfilling post, that's why I take my time to write, edit & re-edit.

Recently two newly finds have made it into my Things-to-Feature-on-My-Blog list & today it's their time to make it into the blog., an online exhibition that provides virtual space for exhibitors from around the world, and Shaikha's, a trendy cool fashion brand.

Sadly, their making into the blog didn't come out as I would have expected.


Yesterday, I was browsing Karkoosha's Facebook page to check out their newly added ads. A couple of ads particularly have caught my attention so I shared my thoughts on them.

Today, I found out that my comments have been removed. Apparently, my attempt of constructive criticism was not taken with a big heart.

Under an ad for Shaikha's T-shirt line, I posted something near to this:

(I cannot remember what I wrote exactly, but it's of the same nature as this): "This is one of my fave t-shirts brands here (I mean, in Kuwait), but I gotta be honest, the quality of the t-shirts does not match their prices (some are OK, but others are not). I wish if you (I was addressing Shaikha's) would produce quality products to match your creative designs. :) "

See? I actually, complemented their cool designs! Not to forget that I did note that this brand was one of my favorites that I've stumbled upon lately. So, why delete the comment, I don't know, I don't see it as offensive at all. I thought the smiling symbol would help convey that I wasn't trying to be mean.

Now, my second comment under the ad of a brand called "Skinz", which sells accessories made out of real animals skins (crocodiles, snake, & ostrich), was offensive, I have to admit. It does not surprise me that it got deleted, I knew it would push some buttons, so I'm not arguing about that one; they totally have the right to delete it. But I wrote it out anyways in hopes people would get the serious message I was trying to send out with the little sense of humor I was trying to imply (apparently, my smiley face did not transfer well through my written words...)

I wrote: "Wain animal rights 3ankum!" (Translation: Where are the Animal Rights people?!! / I wonder what Animal Rights people would say about you?)"

It's harsh, I know, & I shouldn't have put it out that way, but I just imagined those poor animals being killed & skinned just to be some luxury accessories we people use, & I thought that my harsh "honest" comment & the pain that it may cause would not come anywhere close to the pain the animals have to suffer in order to be an accessory. So if my comment offended them, then I hope they take a moment & envision what I just mentioned earlier (the killing & skinning of poor animals). But again, I'm not really concerned about this particular comment as it doesn't bother me that it got deleted & it's not part of the reason not why I'm writing post. I just mentioned it out of honesty.

But deleting my comments wasn't enough! Apparently they've deleted me somehow from their "Like"ing list! I mean, as if I posted these comments because I hated them or something! Oh my God, I feel so sorry for whoever thinks that way about me! I'm a big supporter for anything cool & done by youth, & Allah, my blog, & anyone who knows me are my witnesses. I mean, why would I "like" you if I didn't really "like" you or at least am interested in what you have, right? As if I would "Like" some page just to be able to post negative comments. That's ridiculous! That only shows insecurity, & I know better than that. If I see something I don't like, I would comment on it, & try my best not to send out a negative comment. True, sometimes, emotions gets the best of us, or writing correctly fails us, but we can always go back, edit/delete & re-comment if we thought our comments were a bit offensive to others. The last thing on my mind is to hurt people on purpose, that's why I make sure to choose my words carefully when I'm writing. I admit, on my second comment at the Skinz ad, I was harsh & insensitive, as I already mentioned, but again, I'm not arguing about this one.

So, you might say, "So your comments got deleted, what's the big deal?", right? Well, the point is it's not about my comments getting deleted, it's about them being wrongfully mistaken. My attempt of constructive criticism was rewarded with "deletion". I wrote out those comments in hopes of improving someone else's business & instead of being appreciated & thanked, "I" get "deleted" along with my comments & piece of advice. That saddens me.

It saddens me because both Karkoosha and Shaikha's are two of the many new businesses that caught my attention & I thought of highlighting them & featuring them here on my blog. I never thought my first blog about them would be like this.


I wish I made my point clear now. I have nothing against these companies; I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was simply being honest & trying to help by constructive criticism. If they choose not to take my advice, then that's their call, & it would not make me mad. This doesn't make me mad, (either at them or me), it just saddens me.

However, it's not letting me down at all, on the contrary I'm happy to be faced with such new experiences as it would just keep letting me learn new lessons & learning is always a favorite of mine.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Whispers of Sin" Screening Starts Today - همسات الخطيئة" ابتداء من اليوم"

Screening of the Kuwaiti film "Whispers of Sin" starts today & lasts for three days. The screening will be at GUST university. For more information & how to get your tickets, visit the event's Facebook page.

يبدأ اليوم العرض الخاص للفيلم الكويتي "همسات الخطيئة" و ذلك في جامعة الخليج . لمزيد من التفاصيل و عن كيفية حجز التذاكر زوروا صفحة اعلان الفيلم على الفيس بوك



  • Whispers of Sin Official Site:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bits & Pieces from Yallah Shabab Expo

I went to Yalla Shabab Expo this weekend, which was held at Mishref International Fairground, hall 8. Here's what my camera caught for you guys, enjoy ;)

First thing I noticed, was the huge open space & bright atmosphere! Hall 8 is known to be really huge, but with so much free space it felt even huger! Totally loved the open space! It felt so freeing! hee hee

One of my favorite participant ever, The Green Target Company offers eco-friendly products & helps promote recycling for a better world. Anyone who's got any paper waste can contact them & they will be more than happy to pick your unwanted paper waste for recycling from your door step, so you don't even need to go to them; they'll just pick it up for you! Great job! Love GTC!

They sell garbage bags & "Sma6ts" made out of a Eco-friendly material that wont take thousand year to dissolve! So, people, you better switch your regular plastic products & use these Eco-friendly ones & help make a change :)
Little Beads is one of my favorite spots there too. Talented hand-made accessories made with not only creativity, but love & passion by two stylish talented ladies. Check out their cute designs at their Facebook group & join to get the latest updates on new styles & upcoming events. (plus, you can check out more of the photos I took on the group; I shall post them soon)

Future Angels, yet another fave target for anyone with kids. Parents can safely leave out their kids to these lovely girls who would not only take care of the kids while their parents shop away, but also help launch out any hidden creativity the kids might have hidden inside of them. They would let them free paint & create their own pieces of art, & have fun coloring away. They also offer face-painting for kids where kids would be transformed into whatever they wanna be!

Shoot My Game was the next spot that caught my attention. They specialize in professional photo shooting of you while playing your favorite game. So next time your playing football, tennis, basket ball, or whatever sport that you play, & you wonder how you look while you're at it, you might wanna call these guys & get your play shot!

I loooved Click O Print! I simply loved it! I won't say anything except that it's so cool, that I will leave it for you to discover what it is, & check it out for yourself, by visiting their cool website.

I just could not resist taking pictures of the Chocolateness promo ladies! hee hee you know, I was drawn in by their outfits! hee hee
Chocolateness offers the best Molten Cake, as their ad states, but I really cannot say anything about their products as I still haven't tasted them yet, so until I do, I shall keep my mouth shut. (This is what happens when you go to these expos when you're totally full, & can't even stand looking at the gazillion food booths at expos these days! hee hee But it sure looks delicious, so next time in sha Allah.)

And last but not least, I passed by House of '90 to check out their latest stuff, & guess what? they still got the MJ buttons! ;P lol
I couldn't help not to take pics of course...

Well, these are just a handful of the participants out there, (If I were to list each & every one, I would take days to fill them all out! hee hee, plus, I had to run away from the extreme hot weather inside the expo, God! It felt like being inside a furnace or something! What was up with AC? I have no idea!).

Hope you enjoyed the pics, & if you need any more details, just check out the embedded links (in the titles of brands at the head of the pictures) & sail away ;)


Friday, May 28, 2010



By: Just a Bunch of Thoughts

Call me whatever you want
I don't care, I've made my call
Nobody is to run my life except for my soul
God, I feel like suffocating
You're ripping my hear out
sucking all the air out of me
You're not doing the right thing for me
Get off of my chest
I will do what I feel
When I feel to
No one, not you, nor society
Will alter my call
It's all in God's hands, so just drop it!
Nothing will happen if it wasn't meant to be!
I wish if you would just listen & not just hear!
That is if you ever even hear!
I feel like I'm getting sick
Sick of all your pushing & lack of faith!
Just leave me alone, will you?
You never know, but this is might be the best for me
So, just have faith in God, like I have faith in him
& just remember that everything happens by his commands
So if you want me to do what you wish
I won't do it, unless God says so
So back off! Get out of my way!!!
Leave me alone, so I can be free!
I know you love me,
But do you really care?
What you're asking me isn't something,
that you can easily answer to!
What you're asking me to do is something only "I" will make a decision of!
Not you! Not them! Not society!
Only ME!!
& until time comes, I shall be free of your nagging & pressuring, OKAY?!



Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't Put Me Down

Don't Put Me Down

By: Just A Bunch of Thoughts

Don't put me down, please...

Show support...

Show me love...

I don't wanna leave, even though I wish I can leave...

But I know I can't really live without you...

I wouldn't bare causing you the pain.

So please, if don't want me to leave, why won't just let me be & not put me down?

I love you & you love me, so please don't hurt me so that I won't hurt you...

Understand me...

Why won't you understand?

If I could leave, I know I would, but I don't wanna kill you,

So please don't put me down...

Don't put me down...


Cranberries song with a related subject...


Do You Do These Things on Facebook? You Better Stop!

I just read this article on Yahoo, about seven things people should stop doing on Facebook. All of these things make sense, & people shouldn't be doing them, but a lot of people do these things still! If you do; well you better stop!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Would Cats Think of This??? ;D

Just watch ;P

hee hee xD

I wonder what cats think about this???!! If you got a cat, play this hilarious video to it & tell us what would your kitty do! hee hee

P.S: Is it just me or does the dark-haired kid look very familiar??


Thnx to my friend Hanan Al-Shayaa for sharing this hilarious video! ^^

Mishref Landlines Back in Service



Monday, May 10, 2010

In Search for the Perfect Cross-Body Bag

My mobile rings.

Unrecognizable number...

The voice on the other line greets: "Hello! Miss Just?"

"Yes?" I reply.

"This is Roccobarroco, maam..."

Oooh, the bag. Maaan! Totally forgot about it! I had reserved a bag a few days ago & now they're calling me to see if I'm going to buy it.

"..., so do you want the bag?"

Thoughts start rushing through my mind & I find myself questioning if I really need this bag or not.

"No, I'm sorry, don't think I can make it..."

"So you want me to cancel your reservation, maam?" Thoughts rushing through my mind again & I wish I could say no.

"Yes, I'm sure."


How many times have you went to a shop "without" the intention to really buy anything, but land on something cute at the very last minute you were to leave the shop? And just at that point, you realize you were looking for that special something, but you just forgot about it! I was at the Avenues the other day, heading to the prayer room, when I passed by Roccobarroco. That's when I realized I should take a look as I've been searching for a cross-body bag for ages now, so I had to ask if they had anything of what I need. I found a few they had but they were either too big or too small, so I prepared myself to leave. Then just as I was about to do so, I saw this amazing bag...

It was of perfect Brown, great leather, & perfect size. The only problem was, it wasn't a cross-body bag!

Immediately, I started doing my calculations, (i.e asking myself, if I really needed it & if it would benefit me, & if I would use it often). When I was done, the result turned out good. Very good actually. I had to ask about the price, & even tried it on "with" my things in. And by things, I mean my mini 11" laptop, which is the essential reason I wanna a specific size cross-body bag to begin with, (so that it can fit my mini laptop without causing me a dislocated shoulder). The results just kept getting better & better. It had multi inside pockets, which is just what I need! I'm sick of having my stuff get jumbled up together, (regardless of how many times I reorganize them!), leaving me frustrated every time I wanna pick something out. So, the bag was really acing every term I'm placing.

So, the bag was basically wining me over. But I didn't get it. Why? Well, 'cause I couldn't afford it.

It wasn't that expensive (cost like 80 K.D), but I'm just nearly broke, & I better be saving not spending at this stage. So, I knew I had to leave it. That's when the saleswoman reminded me of the possibility of reserving it , (I had forgotten about that!). You see, it was clear that I needed such a bag. I mean, even though it wasn't a cross-body bag, when I put my laptop inside, it didn't feel heavy to my shoulder at all. And my shoulder was already aching at that point, but it felt really comfortable with this bag. I even asked her if I can add longer shoulder straps to it later, & she said that it's possible. So, it wasn't a huge problem that it didn't have longer straps. I just wish I had the money to get it. It was the last piece! I even looked for it online & couldn't find it.

But I guess, I still have to look for the perfect cross-body bag...

I'm sure God is saving me a better option (which not only will let me walk freely & comfortably but it won't break my budget!); I just have to keep looking! ;)


  • Picture credit unknown; no rights infringement intended.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy Hair to Wear!!!

Talk about EXTREME!

Way, 3ad mo chithy! (Gives me the creeps). However, 'eww-ness' & 'yucky-ness' aside; you can't deny the creativity!!! Really amazing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amazing Fire Illusion video

Beautiful! Just beautiful! :D

Cool! hee hee

There are lots of other amazing videos of the like too, you can check 'em out on youtube.


Btw, please check out an older post from my drafts folder (that I kinda have forgotten about; it's about the release of "This is it" here in Kuwait), you can check it out here.

No Answer




No Answer.




No Answer.

That's the way it's been for over a month now. I keep calling, & calling & I wouldn't get answer. It's totally getting on my nerves.

Wanna know what I'm talking about? Well, stay tuned for the whole details in future post.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Event: GojiBoutique Exhibition

Last time I went to a gojiboutique expo, I had fun! I loved their collection & the ladies behind this online shop are friendly with class! I got me a cute dress with free shoes! You wanna know what's fun about that? The shoes cost like 130+ KD!!! I couldn't believe it! lol

Don't know what will happen this time, or if I will go (I'm kinda broke), plus I really dont need a lot of new stuff... But we'll see ^^




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