Saturday, March 31, 2012

EVENT: Earth Hour 2012 - "ساعة الأرض"

 شاركونا الحدث العالمي لمكافحة الإحتباس الحراري "ساعة الأرض" و ذلك بإطفائكم للإنارة و الكهرباء الغير ضرورية .

Join us tonight for the global event of Earth Hour, kindly switch off unnecessary lights and appliances as
a way to raise awareness of the effects of global warming.

ما هي ساعة الأرض؟

 "ساعة الأرض" هي حملة سنوية تشارك بها العديد من الدول في آخر سبت من شهر مارس في الساعة الثامنة و النصف . الهدف الرئيسي منها ليس توفير الطاقة بل زيادة الوعي البيئي تجاه مخاطر الإحتباس الحراري و بيان كيفية مكافحته من خلال اطفاء الإنارة و الأجهزة الكهربائية الغير ضرورية لمدة ساعة واحدة فقط ، الأمر الذي أثبت قدرة البشر على تصدي مخاطر أنبعاثات الغازات التي هي سبب رئيسي لظاهرة الإحتباس الحراري .  و الكويت من أوائل الدول التي انضمت لهذه الحملة ، فتشارك و للمرة الخامسة هذا العام بفعاليات خاصة من تنظيم الفريق الكويتي لمكافحة الإحتباس الحراري . و تقام فعاليات هذا العام في منتجع صحارى ابتداء من الساعة السادسة مساءً اليوم .

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an annual event where hundreds of countries unite together for a stand against Global warming. Kuwait has been a proud supporter since 2008. Each year, the Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming (KTGW) is the official organizer of the event in Kuwait, would hold special activities that raise awareness on this cause. This year, they are holding the event at Sahara Resort.

لمزيد من المعلومات عن كيفية مشاركتكم بهذه المناسبة الرجاء الإطلاع على هذه المواقع المهمة: 

For more information on how you can be part of this event, check out these important links: 

و لا تنسوا مقالات المدونة السابقة المتعلقة بنفس الموضوع :)

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Picture Credit: KT4GW

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mom's Love

Today is Mother's Day...

To a lot of people it's a day where they would shower their moms with gifts, flowers and such. That is sweet, indeed, but what about the rest of the year? Most people won't even bother to pick up the phone to check upon their moms.

But no matter what we give, it won't ever be enough.

If we just show a little more respect, then wouldn't be that the kind of love every mother deserves?

I remember watching the same story shared on the video above on a AbdulAziz Al-Mussalam series one day; I wonder what's the origin of that story...

It's wonderful regardless.

It just shows that no matter how badly you think of your mother, and how much you can never understand her (even if you have kids of your own sometimes), you can't truly see the way she cares about you, let alone ever repay here deeds.

For all those times you've kept her awake at night just for a stupid meaningless thing (mostly, just in your own eyes), remember that you hold the greatest treasure to the road to heaven.

Don't lose the key.


On a funny note...

Allah Bless All Mothers & Fathers...

Monday, March 19, 2012

I won Danderma's 20,000 Comment Giveaway!

Dear Danderma was having a special giveaway for the 20,000 comment owner...





I still can't believe it!

I'm not the type of person that usually wins free stuff! heehee

Let alone stuff that are worthy!

So, it feels so FUN!!

Thanks to Danderma for conducting such a beautiful giveaway! I wasn't anticipating winning. I wasn't even looking closely at the picture that well to begin with! When I realized that "I",  Just A Bunch have really won, and I wasn't hallucinating (I was really feeling tired and needed to sleep), I went back to the site (I first saw the notification post on mobile) to check what I have won! LOOOL

An Apple TV!

Then it hit me, I was like, oh, yeah, I think I have spotted some gadget thingy going on when I first saw the special post earlier today, but I didn't really focus and it's as if I never saw what the prize is!

To be frank, I still have very little knowledge about what an Apple TV is really like! LOL All I know that it's an Apple product, related to TV, and Danderma is giving away one, so it must be great!




Would you like to win something cool too? Well, why not hop over to Danderma's, be a dedicated reader, and stay tuned for future wonderful posts by the lovely Danderma? Who knows, maybe YOU will be the next winner of a cooler giveaway one day! :D

* Credits: Screen captures: Danderma (All Rights Reserved)


Customs Strike Affected My Salad Dressing Preference!! >:(

Thanks to the strike at Kuwait customs, I had to season my salad with the artificial salad dressing (which I happen to dislike) instead of my preferred fresh yogurt which had run out of stock*. 

When will this ridiculousness end???


*According to Kuwaitful and word-of-mouth.


Dusting Off, Already??

Picture taken today

Good morning!! How's everyone doing in this time of year? ;D

The time of dust and (soon) Sarrayat??

In the past few days, I've locked myself at home (not deliberately; I just didn't have anything to do outside), so I missed most of the worst of the dusty weather, but even with staying home, I could still face the outcomes of those tiny little specs of dust!!

It's just AMAZING how dust covers everything in what seems like the speed of light! Freshly wiped surfaces quickly swift into surfaces that seem to have not been dusted off in weeks! *cough!*

I could smell the dust everywhere! I could feel it on my face! I feel like dusting off everything in the house just to let all the dust come out! *cough!*cough!*

But if there's one thing I love about dust, is that it smells so incredibly addicting when it's mixed with water.... oh... my... God... I just LOOOOVE that smell!!!!

I always feel it should be made into a perfume! heehee

Picture taken a few days ago

But today seems like a good day! The dust is visibly wearing off (it's still there, though), and hopefully it will be even better in the next few hours.

However, that doesn't mean it's off for good; this type of weather is tricky and unpredictable, so be careful.

I hope everyone takes care during dusty days, especially those with respiratory problems, try to stay away from dust as much as possible.

Aaaaannnd for Allah's sake!!! Stop "complaining" about the weather, people! It's Allah's doing and he knows best! And in case you didn't know, dust has many benefits! Go educate yourselves!


Purina Ad Made Me Cry :'(

I'm in tears now...

I never expected to be crying while watching this:

I miss having cats around!!! :'(((((

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Event: The Graffalo, Children Reading at GUST

يدعوكم قسم اللغة الإنجليزية في جامعة الخليج لحضور قراءة قصة "الغرفول" (للأطفال دون العاشرة) باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية  و ذلك غداً الساعة الواحدة ظهراً بقاعة W1-010 بمبنى الجامعة بمشرف .

The English Department at GUST invites young reading lovers* to attend a fun reading of The Gruffalo, in both Arabic & English! (Isn't that exciting?! ;D)


Monday, March 5, 2012, at 1 P.M


GUST university, W1-010

* Up to ten years old




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