Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy National Spirit Continues + Special Thanks

Happy Liberation Day

Hope everyone is having fun celebrating! 

How's everyone celebrating the national holidays? :D Where did you do yesterday? What are your plans for today? I wished to attend the Maseera yesterday, but due the rainy weather it was canceled, so we stayed indoors. Saturday is our weekly family gathering, so for sweet time we made sure to celebrate with special patriotic delights!

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you might have read that I've been craving some Chocolateness!! Yep, those super delicious pieces of love! So, I HAAAAAD to have some for today! I just loooove those yummy little monsters! In celebration of the country's beloved festivities, Chocolateness is having a wonderful offer, for any 10 K.D transaction, you get half a dozen FREE! Isn't that awesome, or isn't that awesome? ;Pp Perfect for gatherings indeed!!

Mmmmm... Mmmm.... Mmmmmm!!!!! Aren't your mouths watering just by looking at the picture? 

Besides those killer monsters, we also had two cakes, one from Mr Baker (الخباز) and another from Cake'n'Bake. I'm not a big fan of Mr. Baker's (since I've had enough of it each and every week for yeeeeeaaaars), so I was eager to try the Cake'n'nBake's for a change, (especially since it was decorated with the flag baring the symbols our beloved countries, God bless 'em ^_^). It was good. But I'm not a cake lover to begin with, so I cannot really judge.

Even though I didn't go out (as I wished), I still enjoyed the day. I was too busy snapping pictures and sharing my humble writings around. My previous post received great feedback, thanks to Allah, which highly encourages me to keep practicing and write more in Arabic. But the most AWESOME moment of the day definitely has to be the special surprise I received from my all-time favorite magazine, Bazaar! I was completely taken aback by their little bomb-drop! hee hee They featured my special national celebration post on The Bazaar Daily!!! ;D I was super ecstatic; I literally started screaming of joy!! So, again, thanks to the wonderful team of Bazaar, you guys ROCK!

And thanks to all of you my beloved silent readers, and those of you who share their thoughts with me either here or elsewhere; you help a great deal in making an aspiring writer step even faster on the ladder of her dreams! God bless you all!

So what are your plans for the today? Going out? At the chalet or desert (or Dubai)? Staying indoors watching TV coverage? Whatever your plans are, be safe and sound, and remember that the true celebration of love for our country lies in the true service for it through out the whole year and not just on its national days.

Peace & Love!


I'm sure lots of you have watched this amazing skydive video already, but have you read Khaleejesque's special article about the guy behind the jump? ;)

His name is Mohammad Al-Refaie and you can learn more about him and his love for skydiving on the special article on Khaleejesque: [click here]

That is just AWESOME! Wouldn't wanna try it for real, though! Ha!

Would you??


P.S: What do you think of my photography? 



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