Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make that Change: VOTE for KUWAIT 2012!!!

It's February the 2nd.

Time has come.

If you're Kuwaiti, over 21, then today's your chance to make a difference by practicing your constitutional given right: The right to VOTE.

I know, we've had it with the one-step-farward-ten-thousand-steps-back, the cloud of misfortune and corruption has bestowed upon us for years. With each election, we've kept our hopes high and wished for a better future, yet, things never seemed to change for the better. Most people have lost hope and a lot of them might not even be voting today. Do not be one of those.

I can see how hopeless they've become, I can relate, only when I remember that by doing so, we're only turning our backs on what really counts: Kuwait's right to PROSPERITY and GROWTH.

Do we want to turn your backs on our beloved Kuwait???

I don't! That's why I'm lifting my head up high and keeping it positive. That's the least I can give back to the precious land I proudly call "home". Never lose faith in Kuwait.


So, are your still turning your back on Kuwait???

Check out this genius ad, and change your mind:

So, go on! Get that little piece of evidence of what makes you who you are, a PROUD KUWAITI, and go MAKE A DIFFERENCE, your vote counts!

Don't forget to choose "wisely";



فاصل فكاهي

مع انه ريحة بعضكم فاحت حييييل و لوعتوا جبودنا ، بس هم بصوِّت!!!

P.S: What do you think of the picture on the top? It's my contribution to Ansam's beautiful little campaign encouraging people to vote. I'm really interested in what you think of my photography! :D


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