Friday, January 29, 2010

WANTED: Actor For A Lead Role

the talent club in G.U.S.T نادي المواهب في جامعة الخليج

The G.U.S.T Talent Club is looking for an actor for a Lead Role in a short film.


  • American features (preferably White) with great American accent
  • Age between 22-32
  • Great fitness & acting skills (Highly Required)



Yousif Al-Malik
Mobile: 67001250


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Limited Offer: Get Your Free Printed T-shirt from!!

Limited time offer!!* is giving out free a T-shirt with each order.
Hurry up folks! Offer lasts till Jan 31.

For more info, & to how to place an order, visit their website
You can also visit their facebook page & become a fan :)

* is a Kuwaiti printing company specializing in printing digital photos onto canvas.

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(UPDATE): Google Congratulates: "Happy National Day!"

When I opened Google today, I saw this:


I wondered what is going on.. I was like, Jan 26 is not a special occasion... Are they celebrating 'Hala February' or something? But even that doesn't start until two more days... so I moved my mouse on it & I just got this unexpected funny message!

& It's just as funny in Arabic! hee hee

Hahahaha! Celebrate people! According to, we should be celebrating the national day today!!! hee hee



I guess they realized the mistake; it's back to normal normal...

last updated: Jan 26,2010 - 6:38 pm

Friday, January 22, 2010

Share your Reactions!!!

I just added a new feature to my blog, "Reactions".

Under each post, you will see the reaction feature, just click on the reaction you like based on your reaction about each post. I have three reactions:

1) L.O.V.E it!! :D

Choose this one if you really love the post so much.

2) Not Bad!! ^^

Choose this one, if you like the post, (but not really love it), & think its good but think it could be better or needs a bit of improving.

3) Hate it!! x(

Choose this reaction to show your ultimate dislike/hate to the post.

Remember that reactions should be based on the 'style of writing' & not only the 'topic' itself.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(Update!!) EXCLUSIVE: Jermaine Jackson on Al-Arabiya, Tomorrow!


Don't miss out the first Exclusive Arabic interview of Jermain Jackson on Al-Arabiya, Tomorrow at 11:00 pm KSA.

He's gonna talking about his great famous brother, Michael, discussing his life, career, & sad passing.


Thnx anonymous!


I Miss MJ....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ezgrt: Limited Edition Styles

Get ready to celebrate Kuwait's upcoming national holidays!
Ezgrt* is introducing new Blackberry skins; The Liberation Skin, & The Independence Skin.

Check 'em out!

click for full size image

Coming Soon!


*Ezgrt is a Kuwaiti company specialized in designed skins for laptops, iPhones & Blackberry.

(I wish if they had skins for Nokia...)

Check out more designs at:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saddam Was Here!! ... Lovely!!!

According to Awan newspaper, a seller has been caught selling pictures of 'Saddam Hussein' on the Friday Market. Police found a bunch of the dictator's pictures among the pictures of famous people & celebrities he's been selling. The seller claims that he isn't aware of the identities of those people. He's been held captive.


Ya Salaaaam! He doesn't know he says! Ha!! Soooo beautiful! Just BEAUTIFUL!

I hope he's learned his lesson (if indeed he really is ignorant); if you wanna be a good business man, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baba Jaber, You Live in My Heart

Dear Baba Jaber,

I can't believe it's been four years since you were gone...
It feels like yesterday...
I remember what I was doing that day when I learned the news...
I was still in bed, sleeping... Or rather sulking in my depression episodes...
I got a text from my best friend...

"Juuussst... Baba Jaber mat!"

That's what she wrote...

I don't remember now If that was the first time I learned about it...
Somehow, it feels like I knew about it already...
But maybe was just in shock or denial...

Anyways, I remember I started crying...

I loved you...

Just like all the childern that were born in your reign,
We called you 'baba Jaber'...
I'm almost 26 & I still call you this way...
And I shall always do...

But you know what? When I was a child, I really thought you were my dad! hee hee
I remember I used to stay up until it was time for the TV channel to shut down & wait for the national anthem to come on... I would point at the your picture on the screen & say: "Baba!"
hee hee

That's because my dad kinda looked a bit like you back in the day...

Of course, I eventually learned that you weren't my father! But to me, & to so many others, you were the father of us all...
You took care of us as if we were your own children...
You taught us so may things.. & your teachings are still present...

My dream was to meet you..
Unfortunately, I wasn't granted that wish...


But I hope I can meet you in heaven...
Will you save me a great seat?

I just wanna tell you that as one of your daughters, I shall always remember you...
Your treasured memories will always be a part of me...
I shall live on to learn & teach what have taught me...
& keep teaching me till this day...

You were titled 'Amir Al-Quloob'...
And indeed, you are, father...
You are the Emir of Hearts...
'Cause that's where you reside in all of us...
You live in our hearts...

& in mine you shall always remain...

May You Rest in Peace...

Miss you...


Pray for my Father...
Our father...

We L.O.V.E you...



Friday, January 8, 2010

Update: Saddam Street in Jordan.. What Next?

Read this first:


Are they KIDDING me???



I'm an optimist. I believe in a better world, better life, better minds & souls.



Okay, I don't even wanna speak anymore.

I don't want to increase my risks of a heart attack.


Everything has been taken care of, & there won't be any Saddam street naming.
(ha! 3ugub shinu??)

Post last updated on Jan 14. 10, at 17:15
Other links, (in Arabic):

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you are one of my friends on facebook, you might have passed by my crazy sudden football dedicated 'statuses' just now! hee hee

I've been sitting in the living room all day, not really watching TV, but kinda listening, you know! When the game started. I wasn't really interested in the beginning, as I'm not a football fan, but little by little we got attracted my mom & I! hee hee yeah, even mom was watching! But we're like just cheering for the Kuwaiti team, you know, & mom is like, what does that mean (some football terms), & I'm like, dont ask me! Ask my brother (he's the real & only football fan in the house)! She goes like, I'm pretty sure he's watching now! (I guess he was!)

Almost two hours passed & I watched the whole thing! (well, of course, my eyes weren't glued to the screen as I was on the net really), but every time the commenter screams my heart jumps & I quickly look up at the TV! hee hee
I yelled, screamed (maybe even cursed?? Don't remember! hee hee), cheered.. everything! & of course, kept updating my facebook status every now & then! hee hee

Thought I'd share some (well most!) with you non-facebook friends:

"First goal for Australia!!! COME ON!!! BLUE SQUASH 'EM!!!! >0<"

" What the!!! a second for the Aussies!!!"

"HEEEEYAAAA!!!!!!! GOAL FOR KUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"

"hamad Alenizi!!! GO!! HAMAD!!!!!!!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GOAL!!!!!!!" (lol I have no idea who that dude is or how he looks like even! lol XD!)

"Better than the Aussies's goals!! heeyaaa! GO BLUE! GOOOO! GOOO! GOOOOOO!!!!!"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

"LOOOL our parrot just flinched from my disappointment 'loud' clap! hee hee"

"COME ON!!! its 86 mins!!! WE WANNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So you see? LOL It's really funny! I haven't watched football in YEARS! Let alone cheer for it!!! Hahaha!

I didnt even watch the most anticipated Kazma vs. Barcelona one last month! I mean, I'm not a football fan as I said! (but I really wanted to watch that one lol)!

But sometimes you get to do things out of the ordinary! And it feels like an adventure!
New territories! New Grounds! & it feels fun!!!

No, I'm still NOT converting! LOL

It's just my love for Kuwait that led me to stay tuned & cheer. It's my support to my team that makes me wanna scream of happiness whenever they achieve successful (& BEAUTIFUL!!) goals! It's my optimism for a better Kuwaiti team (& sport in general). It's my forever support for the heart of Kuwait that will never die no matter how much obstacles are on the way.

To all the disappointed audience, to all the pessimists out there, to all the fearful souls that have no faith (or lack of it), I say, I'm NOT one of you.

& I never wanna be.

& Never Will Be.

& I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Who's with me??? :)


Go Yal Azrag!!! GO! GO! GOOOO!!!

Special Dedication to all the lovers of Kuwait ;)

Don't you miss the old golden days?

You Can HAVE it BACK!



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