Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Do You Think of My New Layout Picture? :)

I've been wanting to change the layout of the blog for quite a while. I wanted to add something that is 'Me'. I asked a "mystery" designer to do me a 'special' picture design for 'Just a Bunch of Thoughts', & the result is this!

What do you think?



Thanks to the lovely "mystery" desinger for creating this beautiful design! :D

Like the design? Wanna see more designs? Wonder how to get your own "customized" design? Wanna know more about this "mystery" designer? All these questions will be answered soon! So keep visiting Just a Bunch of Thoughts to find out more! :)


Disclaimer: The Pink layout is NOT designed by the mystery designer, just the picture. The pink template is one of the free templates provided by Blogger.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharona is Back!

Any Monk fans out there? :D

Cast of Monk

If you love Monk & have been watching since season 1, you'd remember the first assistant Monk had, Sharona. Later in the seasons, Sharona left & Monk had to find a new assistant, Natalie, who's been assisting him ever since. When Sharona left, all of a sudden, I was so upset! I wished she'd be back one day.

& now she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Friday!!

Check out promo video on Monk's facebook page or visit the official website for more information.
& if your're living overseas (like me!), u can watch new episodes of Monk (for free!) on

Even though I'm sad Monk is going to be over soon, I'm so happy that Sharona is back!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stephen Gately of Boyzone Passes Away...

How would you feel if you were having a great time reminiscing over some old treasured memory of someone that you haven't seen in a very long time & you were laughing your head off nearly having a headache from all the silly old memories of your happier old days...
then, just a little while later, you are struck with the news of the death of that person you were just remembering?

Well, I'm going through all that right now.

I was looking at some old box of some stuff I had from my teenage years. Every now & then the room would erupt in laughter as I find one precious thing after another. Instantly, I would travel back in time (who says we can't do that?!!!) to the time where I first had/used those things... Old pictures of friends... old birthday cards.. I even got a secret valentine's day???!! (not a secret really, lol, it just wasn't signed & I don't remember who gave me that! lol)... but one of the most highlights of the findings are some old posters I had of my beloved bands & some old copied magazine articles & interviews...
I was having the greatest time... traveling back in memory line...
I would look at this pic of this person & go wow! omg, look at him so young! hee hee & then I would laugh at another's pic... & so on...
Some felt like looking at for the first time...

I then, gently put everything back... & start inspecting other stuff... forgetting the pics for a while...

Then, just about an hour later (or more), I was having lunch & watching the TV. I had the BBC on, (of ALL days!). I wasn't really tuning in as my little nephew & niece were at my legs. Was flicking through the channels prior t0 that, in fact. But what left me keeping the channel, is that I spotted the name Stephen Gately written on the screen...

Instantly, I was like, huh? Stephen is on the news? Why is he on the news? I couldn't read the whole caption, nor that I have fully listened to the full news headline...
So I had to eagerly wait for the news segment to come on later...

Throughout my waiting, several possibilities of what the news was about started swirling in my mind... but none of them really seemed satisfying. Why would he appear on the News??! It's not like he's that famous. A new album? No! A tour? No! Is it because of the BBC? Maybe he occasionally appeared on it? But no...

What IS IT??!!

Then, after what seemed like a long time (which really was), the segment finally came on. I was all ears.

All I could remember now was ... "Stephen Gately" ... "died" .... "he was 33."...

I was like, what? huh? What?

Did he just say "Died"?

But the later ... "He was 33." confirmed it. I did hear him say "died."


Goodbye, Stephen...
You Will Never Be Forgotten, & Will Always be Missed.
Thank You for the Happy Memories & Joy you brought into our Lives.
You Will Always Be Loved & Remembered.

Edited on Nov. 2. 09 (note below picture was added)

"Alarm" - How LAZY are You??!

How lazy can one be? If You think you're lazy, think twice, you might not be as lazy as you think you are! Or, you might be just so, or even more!!

"Alarm" is the second short animated movie, by Moo-hyun Jang, a director of independent Animation team MESAI. It's a REALLY an AWESOME movie! Will get you cracking up, aaahhh-ing, & feeling frustrated all at once! You will feel the agony of waking up in the morning by the most hated device ever (in my opinion): the Alarm.

I HATE ALARMS!! I rarely use them anymore, (extreme measures only!), & watching this guy really brought back all the agonizing noise alarms make!

(Spoiler Alert!)
Hahaha! My absolute hilarious part is when he quickly shuts all three alarms & jumps back to bed, (that killed me!! XD!). I also loved the the milk scene! Omg! XD!

(youtube link).


For more info & Downloads, go to or check out their youtube page TEAMMESAI

Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm soooo MAD!!!

My moon! My Lovely moon!

My Lovely, beautiful moon!!! Is being ATTACKED!! >:O


Okay, NASA! Couldn't you find a "GENTLER" way to try to search for water???

God... I HOPE it FAILS! >:(



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