Thursday, February 2, 2012

NEW FEATURE: Story in a Pic: "Oh, GET A ROOM!!!"

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, I just saw this over a friend's Facebook wall and left the comment below:

    • A few minutes prior to taking that shot:

      Boy kisses girl on his left. She pushes him away disgusted. Boy decides to kiss the girl on his right instead. She gladly kisses him back. Girl on the left seething with newly formed jealousy: "Oh, get a room!!"



What do you see in this picture? :D



This little attempt in story making has inspired me to create a new series (or feature) to this blog, and name it "Story in a Pic", where I'd post stories about what I see in some pictures. Readers are much obliged to add in their share of story thoughts! 

So what do you think about this idea? Will you participate? ;D 


  1. I see a pic from Hugh Hefner's photo album. Notably, this is pre-pajama Hef. :P

    I like your "Story in a Pic" idea. If you decide to continue this, please let us know on twitter so that we don't miss out.

    Love the site, by the way. :)

  2. Hello there Mo_Coffee_Plz! Welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"! I'm glad you liked this new feature, & hopefully more story-in-a-pic stories will be coming as soon as I spot an inspirational photo :) Thank you for the input about the origins of pic! I hate posting pics I have no idea where they're from! I highly appreciate that!

    Thanks, my humble blog wouldn't be as fun without the lovely readers gracious enough to leave comments such as you! I will surely be updating my FB & twitter readers whenever I have a new post, but the best option to never truly miss an update is by email subscription, so feel free to choose which option that fits your needs :)

    Looking forward to seeing you around!




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