Monday, February 6, 2012

I Finally Met the KHALEEJesque Team!

Last night I posted about KHALEEJesque's first print issue launch. Here are my thoughts about the experience! :)

Photo Credit: KHALEEJesque

I'm blessed to have my hands on the first print issue of KHALEEJesque! I was really excited to finally meet the wonderful people behind this lovely e-zine! I'm always on the look out for such interesting and enthusiastic magazines to read (and also hopefully be part of the their wonderful teams). So, when I learned that KHALEEJesque, one of top favorite e-zines were launching their first print issue, I was thrilled, and made sure I never miss it.

When I arrived at the launch installation located at the atrium at 360° mall), I took my time to carefully indulge in what I'm looking at! There were several gorgeous ladies which I gathered had to be part of the KHALEEJesque team (and they were!). I made sure I let one of them kindly help me with my meet-the-team discovery and give me my goody bag, which looked so beautiful! I was then delighted to meet Fouz Al-Sabah, creative director and co-founder of KHALEEJesque, whom I enjoyed chitchatting with and who was more than welcome to answer all my questions.

Ghadeer Al-Otaibi and Fouz Al-Sabah

There is a fun photo-booth for readers to take memorable photos with their beloved KHALEEJesque copies! I highly enjoyed the idea! I've always wished we'd have similar photo-booths in Kuwait! The company is called "BonkerBox" and they specialize in transforming an ordinary photo shoot to a crazy out of this world! I so would love to rent the box for our parties! You can too! Check their FB page for more details. 

The general feel was filled with proud accomplishment! The team showed such class and prestige the magazine shows, so I wasn't really mistaken, I WAS meeting the real team! ;P 

People gathering around! :)


Alright! On to the goody bag! 

I really loved the colors and design of the bag. The black, white and red are always a great combination! Wished if there was a green too and we would've have the colors of the Khaleeji spirit, but I know that these are the colors of the magazine's logo ;)

Besides the copy of KHALEEJesque, here's what I found inside:

A beautiful 2012 planner, some chocolates, and a cookie. I really fell in love with the planner; it caught my attention instantly. It has some beautiful quotes spread around the months and even a poem in the first few pages! How cool is that? :D

Here's the surprise cookie I got. From the feel of the yellow bag, I felt like there was a cookie inside. I was half correct about my guesses and assumptions. There was a cookie alright, but I was kinda disappointed when I saw the orange-colored sugar coated cookie; I was expecting a chocolate chip cookie ;P I wonder if all the bags have this orange cookie. Don't think so, I'm sure there might be a mixture and it's my luck to have this orange one...  

Anyways! I can't wait to fully read the whole issue! Last night I flipped through most of it with a continuos smile on my face! I'm really proud of the whole KHALEEJesque team for this wonderful establishment! The first issue is specialized in everything culture-related; really is worth getting as it's timeless and will be a lovely addition to anyone's shelf ;)


So, hurry up, and get your free copies, people! You still can pass by today at 360° mall; the team will be happy to see you!

And happy KHALEESesquing! ;P

Photo Credit: KHALEEJesque




  1. from a blog to a business.. allah ywafighom. wish them all the best.

    il fal lich inshallah.. looking forward to reading JABOT's (thats you ;) first book.

  2. Thank you!! That's so sweet of you! In sha Allah!! Publishing a book is in my wishes-turned-into-goals-list! Don't know when will that happen (but it will in sha Allah!) Make sure to subscribe to never miss the announcement! I shall surely share it on my blog! :)



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