Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Literature World Celebrates Charles Dickens 200th Birthday: My Personal Thoughts

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the most celebrated writers in the world, Charles Dickens. As an English Language and Literature student, I have the privilege to indulge in learning more about such authors whose works have surpassed generation upon generation only to become an essential part of any English literature student or fan's journey of learning and enlightenment.

Whenever I read such wonderful creations by authors such as Dickens, I cannot help but feel the "awes" and "wows!" escaping my thoughts. I guess, anyone who enjoys writing knows what I'm talking about. I often wonder if those authors knew the amount of impact their creations would have on the literary world while they were creating them; would they have produced them differently? What if the Brontë sisters knew how truly passionate readers can get over their beloved novels (I just adore Wuthering Heights), or if Dicken's Oliver Twist would be played in thousands of theaters around the world, or if Shakespeare knew he'd be the iconic symbol of the English literature?

I can only imagine!

I wonder if any of today's writers would be as symbolic as Shakespeare in the far future. I wonder if Arab writers would leave an infinite impact. I wonder if Kuwaitis would leave such a historic trail.

I wonder if I will ever leave this world with a timeless classic that would be taught to generations to come.

I wonder...


So, it fascinates me when I see other countries proudly and continuously acknowledging and celebrating their writers, even if centuries go by since the day they were born! (Check out Dickens2012.org and be inspired!)

And as usual, Google celebrates with a special Dickens doodle! (Read more about this on Los Angeles Times)

Will Kuwait celebrate me 200 years from now? ;D

We will never know... 

(but if there's anyone from the future, they can answer me! ;P) 


So, what's your favorite Charles Dickens novel? 

Share your thoughts! :)



  1. Hi bunch i love what you wrote here mashala i like your english writting it's realy good :*

    I think in kuwait or arab countries they dnt care about celebrations , we care about most of writers her and singers ... etc , but out side they dnt realy know about the most wonderful minds in our countries because they dnt want us to be better than them believe me we like nezal qabane so they are but they cnt admit !!


    1. 7ayaty wallah nawwart ilmudawana! ;)

      Thanks dear; you know I LOVE your writing as well! <3
      I'm not sure I "fully" understood everything you said; could you elaborate, please? (feel free to write in Arabic if you prefer ;) )

      Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely visits! <3

  2. Kuwait will strike an achievement if it celebrates a 1 year anniversary of a stable Parliament...

    Great post!

    1. Wow! KAZEH has shared his thoughts on my humble blog! Welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"! Your visit and thoughts are much appreciated!

      Won't that be "Asking too much?" ;P
      heehee Nah, we shall keep it positive; if we want things to change for the better "WE" have to take action. If we're just going to depend on the parliament, then things will take far much longer to achieve (and probably never even get done)
      But I'm an optimist, and I think Kuwaitis should be more optimistic if they truly wanted change, after all our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

      "تفائلوا بالخير تجدوه"

      If we all implement his teachings in our daily lives (instead of just whining non-stop!) the world would truly be a better place; Kuwait will be a better place :)

      Again, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! I highly appreciate it! Keep visiting! ^_^

  3. Dickens, I have such a great respect and admiration to his work. A true masterpiece.

    I'll be optimistic about Kuwaiti writers..you know every era has it's own political issues and problems but that does not keep the talented from showing and be in history. Your work will stand out no matter what if its good enough. Keep working on your skills and try publishing someday. The human mind has no limit and if Dickens could do it so can you. Never give up dear..never :)

    1. I totally agree; I'm highly privileged to study his works & the works of other great minds as a Literature student as I mentioned; I love being around Literature fans especially when they are teaching me about these amazing works (High Five to my beloved tutors! <3), when we're in a discussion, the readings just suddenly transfer from readings of pleasure to a whole enlightenment process. I just love my teachers; not only those who are so by profession, but anyone who loves to share knowledge and spread wisdom: simply everyone.

      And sure, just this night while I was listening to news and what's going in the region, I sighed, but then was like, "God, just wait till we see all the creative works coming out!". I just see my writing prospering more when I write down a piece after an emotional turmoil; they just scream louder! That's why I try to keep the flame burning (but not too much so that I don't burn down he house! --> Me!) so that I don't lose touch with the world around me. :)

      Thank you my dear, Posha! I highly respect your "underestimated" profession! Teachers should be more respected for they are the sole reason why the rest of professions exist in the first place! God bless all respectful teachers!

      And about publishing, it's one of my goals & in she Allah it will be achieved, and my dear readers won't be missing out! Just keep visiting! ;P

  4. haven't started anything by him really.. im juggling between books right now just to keep up.. you know what i think of? the guys who were just marvelous but people are too ignorant to remember them.



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