Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Still Miss You


By: Just a Bunch of Thoughts

Fifty one years ago, a little baby was born
Never knowing his life would soon be torn

He lived a short, yet full life
But most of it was full of strife

He grew up in an abusive environment
No one could hear him, or help treat his ailment

He called out for help repeatedly
But people rarely listen carefully

The pain became greater with time
Leaving scars that will last a lifetime

People are too busy looking at the outside
Very few cared to look at the inside

Even with the love of millions
He could not climb up the canyons

His gift was a way to escape
Drowning in a sea of innocence, where he will not be raped

When surrounded with pure love, he laughed & giggled
Animals & children were pure loves he cradled

Despite all that negativity, he continued to search for love
And three little children were sent form above

They helped give him the love & joy he so longed for
But sadly, he had to leave the shore

Leaving them & us all in endless tears
Still in denial yet accepting the spears

His time has come & we must not object
C'est la vie; we rather reflect

For forever he shall remain alive in our hearts
His legacy will go on forever & never parts


We Love You MJ

May You Rest In Peace


P.S: I have promised to post another part for this post, so this should be it I guess.

Note: No one is allowed to copy & paste any line of this poem without prior permission from me. If you like the poem & would like to share it with others, you can copy the link to this post but not the poem itself. All rights reserved to Just a Bunch Of Thoughts.

Anyone done with Eid-shopping, yet?

Here goes the first week, & it’s almost mid Ramadan. That means Eid is really just around the corner, & I still haven’t got anything to wear for it!

I hate it when I get so behind! For the past few years, I’ve had it a lot easier & got pretty much done way a head, so I was pretty much relaxed during this holy month. But this year I got so jammed up all through out the summer, I couldn’t find time to shop early.

I couldn’t wait to be done with the summer semester just so that I could find time to relax & get to do all those stuff-to-dos I’ve been delaying since God knows when! But again, I couldn’t find the time to shop (or get done with all those stuff-to-dos) before Ramadan comes. So this year, I’m bound to shop during this month!

For those who don’t know this about me, I hate shopping for specific occasions! But I really “HATE” it when I have to do it during Ramadan! The perfect timing for me to shop is from the afternoon till evening. In Ramadan, the shops are closed during that time! So, if I have to go shopping, I have to do after Futoor, & you know how we usually feel after Futoor! lol its just too much! & don’t get me started on the mornings! Oh, no, I would NEVER go out in the morning! This is the only time I could sleep in! So, there’s no way, what sooooo ever!

So, yeah, the late nights are my only chance.

But the timing isn’t really my biggest problem when it comes to shopping. Besides that comes the mood! When I’m in the right mood for shopping, I wouldn’t mind anything! But I’m just moody, what can I do? & besides my cold (more like lazy) mood for shopping, comes my biggest annoying shopping problem ever: my difficult, picky taste. My mom had said it too many times, “You’re just too difficult!”. She’s right! I am! I don’t like to have just ‘anything’! Everything should be ‘P.E.R.F.E.C.T’!! So, calling me a ‘perfectionist’, mom, would be more suitable, don’t you think? :P (no, I can still be difficult :P)

So, there you go, it’s true, being a perfectionist is great & has its benefits, but it’s also draining & puts a lot of pressure on you! Especially if you are surrounded by a perfectionist environment where you shouldn’t be any less ‘cool’ or you’ll be ‘out’! I totally hate that by the way. I tend to have a ‘simple’ yet ‘cool’ kind of style for almost every occasion I go to. I hate all the fuss & too sophisticated outfits that could be so uncomfortable both for body & eyes!!! Comfort is a priority for me. So is style. That’s why I tend to take so much time shopping searching for the ‘right’ clothing that would feel comfortable & fashionable at the same time.


So too to keep with the fast pace of the month, I went last Sunday to the charity fair in Qurtuba, & I found some cool stuff but I wasn’t too keen on anything, (picky me!). But I couldn’t really see, cuz it was sooo humid, I really felt sooo tired right away, I just couldn’t think straight & just wanted out so quickly. If it wasn’t for my sister agreeing to take me there I might have not gone there & seized the moment cuz I wasn’t really in the mood, (moody me!) for any kind of shopping, let alone fair-shopping!

I still am not pretty much in the mood. But I have to visit as much fairs as I could, cuz after all, the normal shops at the malls must have fall/winter clothes displayed already.

I wish I get done with it already!


P. S: If anyone of you knows any fair that is really awesome, & that is either already open or will be opening soon, feel free to add it in the comments, plz.

Reviews will highly appreciated!

Thnx :)


Picture courtesy: Fortune Cookie Boutique.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just a few mintues till sunset!!!!!!


People Who Stay hungry


My 'Abdel-Wahab' Experience

Joined by our dear mothers, my cousins & I went to Abdel-Wahab's the Lebanese restaurant last Wednesday night. It was our first time there, & in general the experience was pretty good, yet there were some not-so-nice moments here & there. This is a review of my experience there.

We went pretty late (10:00 PM), as if we're subconsciously preparing ourselves to the late nights in the soon to come Ramadan, (as we went there just 2 nights ahead).

The weather was pretty humid (but not as humid as the following day, omg, it was TOO HUMID!!), but we didn’t mind that since we were to sit inside (I don’t know if there are tables outside).

It was our first time visiting this Lebanese restaurant, & our judgment is, pretty nice. In general.

The menu for an “only Lebanese” food is pretty good. It had plenty of the famous Lebanese dishes (that I'm aware of), & the taste was “delicious” for some dishes I had & “really good” for others.

There weren’t many options on the drinks, but that's okay I guess, since it's not an international restaurant. But I wished there were many juices, as The Sham is known for its delicious fruits & juices. I ordered an orange juice which was really delicious; I liked it, except that it wasn't really that cool, now that I remember. Or maybe I didn't drink it right away & it cooled down…

Mom thought the prices were pretty high, but I think it's reasonable since the location of the restaurant is on the beach, so it ought to be a little pricey.

But there was one thing that really caught my attention in the menu. There was NO dessert section! I was like checking & re-checking the menu over & over, thinking I may have missed it or something, but no, there wasn't any! LOL I thought it might be on a separate menu like some restaurants do, so I just let it go till it was time to have dessert & then if we weren't offered a dessert menu then I'd ask about it.

Warag Anab

The starter & soup took a considerate time to show up, while the main dishes took more time, but still considerate since they do take time to get done, (but if we were in a more popular restaurant, the food wouldn’t take so much time to get done, even for main dishes since they constantly make the most popular dishes even before customers order them).

We had several dishes that we loved to try & enjoyed most of them, if not all. My ultimate most delicious dish was the 3arayes. Omg, I wish I had taken a pic of it, but I just had one piece, & omg, it was sooo yummy! My least fave was the Warag 3anab, (I forgot what they call it in English; see picture above). It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was a little sour to my taste. I don’t like sour food.

But then, after we were done with dinner, they brought us this lovely & sweet dish!


I was like, oh, wow! Is that why they didn’t have add a desserts section in the menu? Do they always give away free Mahalbia or is it just because of Ramadan? I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure it's a celebration to the holy month's arrival :)

So was it good? Mmm, yeah! it was really sweet, all of us managed to eat at least halves of our plates; it was really good. I'm not really a big fan of this dish to tell you the truth, but I don't hate it. (Aunty, if you're reading this, yours is still number one :P - Oooops! I hope mom does not read this! -_-' :P im kidding, she knows I love my aunt's Mahalbia the most - even though it has changed a bit, but still, I like it! lol).

So, all in all, the experience was pretty good, only there were some points we didn't like about the restaurant. The place is pretty small; some of the tables were set really close to each others, so there's not always a perfect sitting place available. But on the bright side, the chairs were comfy.

The staff were okay. The waiters we had were friendly, but the janitor at the door did not leap to his feet & greet us by opening the door to us only after we were really close at the door & I gave him the impression that I wanted the door to be opened to us! I didn't like that at all, as it's his job to open the door for us, not the customers. Esp, that he was just there! Not doing anything! I don't know what he was thinking, not coming right away to us. Poor mom, had to try to open the door herself! I was like no, let him open it for us! It was by then he had reached to the door to open it. Thanks a lot! We couldn't have done without you! Just a split of a second & we would've been in ourselves! (esp, if the door wasn't a bit heavy then I'm pretty sure mom would've got to push it even before that man reached it!). So, that was the worst part. Talk about a first impression!

Also another thing, when we were about to leave, nobody said goodbye to us, or asked us to ‘come again’ in a friendly way. I’m not even sure they even saw us leaving!

But lucky for them, the food wasn't a big dissapointment, I could let the door mishap go. (But I will make sure to be treated with more respect).

Will I go there again? No, I rather try a new restaurant. But I wont mind having some for take away.

But would I recommend it? Yeah, its worth trying, esp if you love Lebanese food. But don’t expect to be treated like a king.


* The first & last pictures are taken form the restaurant's facebook group


Friday, August 21, 2009

May You Have a Blessed Ramadan :)

Ramadan is here everyone!!!

Mbarak Alaikom eshahar!

Wish you all have a great time in this favorable time of year :)

May we invest in the best of deeds...

& be washed off all sins...

God bless us all & let us see more Ramadans to come...

Wish you all peace & love...

Happy Ramadan!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kuwait Mourns the Death of 40+ Women & Children

I'm speechless...

I really am out of words...

I just found out about the whole thing...

I was out all day & having a great day & not a thing on my mind except that I need to get as fast as I could to work & get everything done... I never knew my beautiful day would end up with me finding out that a tragic incindent had happened last night & I didn't know anything about it...

History repeats itself...

so soon...

We still haven't gotten that Al-Jahra Wedding Hall fire tragedy that occurred earlier this year out of our heads yet & now we are struck yet again with another similar (yet more severe) tragedy that amazingly happenend in Al-Jahra too...

Tens of bodies injured & over 40 souls were taken back to their creator last night after a fire broke out in a private wedding that soon turned into a national funeral...

Our thoughts & prayers go out to all those who have lost their loved ones, may God have mercy on their souls...

Kuwait is mourning...

انا لله و انا اليه راجعون
ولا حول و لا قوة الا بالله


Updated on Aug 18. 08. 2009

Here's the Alwatan report on TV...

More from Alarabia:

Note: (an updated news) The ex-wife says she wanted to take revenge against her in-laws because they "ruined my marriage."


& to just take a look at how fast a tent can burst out into flames, check out this video (note that it's pretty disturbing esp when you associate it with the recent horrible fire incident):



Sunday, August 2, 2009

Forever We Shall Still Remember...

Insecurity… suppression of freedoms... fears... killings... rape...environmental catastrophes...
Those are few of the terms associated with "war" & "Invasion"...
Today marks the 19th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, & till this very day the wounds are still present...
We will always remember this day & that painful memory as it's our duty to never forget such a horrific history. Writing about this aching past on this particular day of each year does not mean that we only remember the invasion just on this very day. That sorry memory is never out of our minds regardless of whether we talked about it or not. It is forever deeply carved in our hearts & souls.
I’ve always been open about how much I hate to talk about politics... a huge part of that hatred I'm sure is an effect of the invasion. Ever since that hurtful event, I’ve always hated to be reminded of it, & worked hard to avoid anything that would help me recall that time, including special TV shows, series, theatrical plays, articles in newspapers, & the history/political related educational lessons in our text books.
But regardless of me wanting desperately not to be reminded, I refused at the same time to forget about it. How could I? How could anyone ever forget, no matter how hard it is to remember all that pain? I was only 6, so some might say that I was too young to really know how hard it was, & that I barely remember. I hate it when they say that. Because, even if I was 6, & even if I really didn’t know what was really going on as to my child mind couldn’t really muster the meaning of “War” & invasion”, I still could “feel” the pain. I could feel it reflected on me.
I could still sense the fear my little heart felt whenever I heard a loud bang in the air… whenever a chopper flew nearby, & whenever I heard something bad was going to happen…
I remember being afraid of being in the garden to play on the swings for fearing that a rocket might land on my head all of a sudden as I was playing…
I could remember wondering who those Iraqis were & why were they here…
I could remember my mom recalling another name besides Saddam of another hater who also wanted to invade Kuwait in the 60s…
I remember not being able to go out & visit relatives all throughout the invasion time…
I remember feeling sad & worried (even though I couldn’t really comprehend it) over my cousin who was taken as a POW on this very day…
Those are just a bunch of many upsetting memories I have…
& they say I can’t remember?!
Those scattered terrifying scenes hear & there were & are enough for me to forever recall that sad history… & to never forget…





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