Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year of Weddings


It's been a wonderful year.

Of course It's been! Its enough that It has two numbers of my most favorite numbers! Two & seven!

A lot of things happened in this year, just like in any other year, people born, people dying, natural disasters, human-made ones, killings, wars ...

Just the usual stuff.

But what was so significant in this particular year, here in Kuwait, was that a lot of weddings occurred during this year! & by a lot, I mean 9 weddings! That's just so much!!! (& I'm only talking about the ones I attended! - The actual number might be over 15!!!! If I counted the ones I did not attend!)

Cousins, friends, neighbours. Young & old. All getting married. And not just In my family, everyone I see says the same! Shopping was a hard because people can't seem to leave anything!! Lucky salesmen!

It rarely happens. In the past, we used to wish for a wedding! But now I don't wish for it! I'm fed up!!!

Do you wanna know why?

Because it drains oneself up!

Emotionally, You get stressed out. I always fuss about social gatherings. I hate the fact the I have to get dressed, do my hair, & everything else! (At those times I wish I was a boy!) Why do we girls have to wear all those glamorous dresses & make-up without fussing about it!!! Well, I know some of you do it routinely like it's as simple as brushing your hair (well, that I have a problem with too), or washing your face?

I really wanna know!

But preparing for a wedding, has another side effect. The financial part!!!!!

I can tell you, I'm officially bankrupt.

And I can assure you, I'm not the only one!!!!!!!!!

Let me give an average sum for a "simple" wedding outfit:

Dress: 60-150

make-up: 10-35

Hair: 15-25

Accessories: 15-30 (we're talking about cheap ones - real ones don't count)

Shoes: 30-70

Bag: 10-40

Total average: 140-380

almost 400 K.D!!!!!!!!

& that's just for a normal-not-over-the-top gawn!

so, can you blame me for beings bankrupt?

Oh, & notice that you can only wear the outfit once! You don't wanna be seen in the same outfit twice! (Unless you make sure the people you're visiting have not been in any of the previous occasions! That excludes your closest family of course.)

It's just so frustrating!!!!

Aaah, I really envy my brothers, males of the opposite sex. It only takes them 20-30minutes to take a shower, wear a Dishdasha & Ghutra, & that's it! Viola! Done! They don't have to do facials, do makeup, do thier hair, or wear the expensive of clothes just to stand out & make sure no one is wearing the same as they are. They don't bother, because they all wear the same!

Of course, I'm not talking about the "softy" ones, or the "fashion-victim" ones, or even the fashion interested ones. They can take long times as we girls do jut to get ready. But I'm talking about real occasions like Eid, or any other important ceremony like weddings, where the boys have to wear the traditional Kuwaiti Dishdasha. Then, there's no way of comparison. Boys win.

I really wish (a lot of times) that I have a magic wand! I could just zap myself in any dress I want, & do everything else just in a matter of seconds, & I'd be done!!

I wish!


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