Friday, January 13, 2012

Desperate Housewives: Turkish Version!


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I was flipping through TV channels last night when I stopped on MBC4. I haven't religiously watched this channel in ages. There was a new Turkish series on. I was like, "Oh, is that a new Turkish series? But the shooting feels so incredible! Perhaps, it's a movie?" 

It was yet another new Turkish series. MBC4 once was my top favorite channel to watch with "only" western shows and nothing but, but now it's been smothered with Turkish drama (which I don't happen to hate, to be honest) & guess what? Arabic ones has been added to the mix too. If MBC keeps Arabizing this (once top favorite) channel, perhaps in the future, they're gonna be even dubbing those (now very few) western shows they are compromising us with & become totally like Fox. *Shudder*

Anyways, I'm not gonna be ranting about how MBC4 has changed in this post (maybe in another one), but let me talk about this new show that got me stopping in my channel-flipping. 

The program info stated that it has the title of "Nesa'a Ha'erat" (or however it was written - نساء حائرات), I was like, "What is this? An Arabic drama?" Then the dubbing reached my ears & I realized it was yet another new Turkish drama. As I said, I was taken by the wonderful shooting & wondered if it was a new series or a movie. Seeing Noor brought back a fresh memory of a promo I've seen recently for a new series that was coming soon. That was it.

It took me just a few minutes to realize it. The character Songul Oden (a.k.a Noor) was playing (which I happened to have liked instantly) was non other than the beloved character of Susan Mayer played by Teri Hatcher in the popular American drama Desperate Housewives. Of course, I didn't realize it right away, I had to see this other character - who was a playful blonde who keeps throwing herself at this man Noor was trying to get close to - for the switch or realization to get turned on. I was like, "Wait a minute... This looks very much like Desperate Housewives...Is it...?!!" 

And it sure was! Apparently, this is a Turkish version of the American drama!


Here are some pictures I snapped. Try guessing which one is who (I already told you one!) 

My favorites in the American version are still my favorites in the Turkish one (so far), which pretty much tells that the acting, production, & direction is very well done (& that I mostly care about the characters).

Program starts at 9:00 KSA every Thursday night.

(For those who missed it last night, MBC4 is repeating it tonight at 6:30 KSA, or you can always watch it on 

Promo ad in the paper


So, what do you think? Do you like watching Turkish drama? Would you watch this one? What do you think of recreating (or remaking) of famous successful dramas or movies? Would you think this version will beat the original?  


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First pic: MBC4

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