Monday, June 14, 2010 Rewarded Constructive Criticism with Deletion


When I started out this blog, I wanted to have a little space where I could share my thoughts & points of view on things that interest me & catch my attention in this life, things that should be addressed, things that bother me, simply just about anything that pops into my head & I feel/think I should write about it.

Bit by bit, I started out exploring the world of blogging & journalism, which I found myself to have fallen in love with. I loved to feature potentials, ambitions, & everything that will make me (& others) go "Wow, you go, people!".

I stumble upon great finds everyday, but these finds that I think are worthy of a spotlight do not always make it into the blog for many reasons, such as topic getting outdated, been covered too many times, or simply losing its glare & is no longer interesting me, (oh, not to forget I only have two hands!). Plus, I'm a perfectionist, I prefer writing a fulfilling post, that's why I take my time to write, edit & re-edit.

Recently two newly finds have made it into my Things-to-Feature-on-My-Blog list & today it's their time to make it into the blog., an online exhibition that provides virtual space for exhibitors from around the world, and Shaikha's, a trendy cool fashion brand.

Sadly, their making into the blog didn't come out as I would have expected.


Yesterday, I was browsing Karkoosha's Facebook page to check out their newly added ads. A couple of ads particularly have caught my attention so I shared my thoughts on them.

Today, I found out that my comments have been removed. Apparently, my attempt of constructive criticism was not taken with a big heart.

Under an ad for Shaikha's T-shirt line, I posted something near to this:

(I cannot remember what I wrote exactly, but it's of the same nature as this): "This is one of my fave t-shirts brands here (I mean, in Kuwait), but I gotta be honest, the quality of the t-shirts does not match their prices (some are OK, but others are not). I wish if you (I was addressing Shaikha's) would produce quality products to match your creative designs. :) "

See? I actually, complemented their cool designs! Not to forget that I did note that this brand was one of my favorites that I've stumbled upon lately. So, why delete the comment, I don't know, I don't see it as offensive at all. I thought the smiling symbol would help convey that I wasn't trying to be mean.

Now, my second comment under the ad of a brand called "Skinz", which sells accessories made out of real animals skins (crocodiles, snake, & ostrich), was offensive, I have to admit. It does not surprise me that it got deleted, I knew it would push some buttons, so I'm not arguing about that one; they totally have the right to delete it. But I wrote it out anyways in hopes people would get the serious message I was trying to send out with the little sense of humor I was trying to imply (apparently, my smiley face did not transfer well through my written words...)

I wrote: "Wain animal rights 3ankum!" (Translation: Where are the Animal Rights people?!! / I wonder what Animal Rights people would say about you?)"

It's harsh, I know, & I shouldn't have put it out that way, but I just imagined those poor animals being killed & skinned just to be some luxury accessories we people use, & I thought that my harsh "honest" comment & the pain that it may cause would not come anywhere close to the pain the animals have to suffer in order to be an accessory. So if my comment offended them, then I hope they take a moment & envision what I just mentioned earlier (the killing & skinning of poor animals). But again, I'm not really concerned about this particular comment as it doesn't bother me that it got deleted & it's not part of the reason not why I'm writing post. I just mentioned it out of honesty.

But deleting my comments wasn't enough! Apparently they've deleted me somehow from their "Like"ing list! I mean, as if I posted these comments because I hated them or something! Oh my God, I feel so sorry for whoever thinks that way about me! I'm a big supporter for anything cool & done by youth, & Allah, my blog, & anyone who knows me are my witnesses. I mean, why would I "like" you if I didn't really "like" you or at least am interested in what you have, right? As if I would "Like" some page just to be able to post negative comments. That's ridiculous! That only shows insecurity, & I know better than that. If I see something I don't like, I would comment on it, & try my best not to send out a negative comment. True, sometimes, emotions gets the best of us, or writing correctly fails us, but we can always go back, edit/delete & re-comment if we thought our comments were a bit offensive to others. The last thing on my mind is to hurt people on purpose, that's why I make sure to choose my words carefully when I'm writing. I admit, on my second comment at the Skinz ad, I was harsh & insensitive, as I already mentioned, but again, I'm not arguing about this one.

So, you might say, "So your comments got deleted, what's the big deal?", right? Well, the point is it's not about my comments getting deleted, it's about them being wrongfully mistaken. My attempt of constructive criticism was rewarded with "deletion". I wrote out those comments in hopes of improving someone else's business & instead of being appreciated & thanked, "I" get "deleted" along with my comments & piece of advice. That saddens me.

It saddens me because both Karkoosha and Shaikha's are two of the many new businesses that caught my attention & I thought of highlighting them & featuring them here on my blog. I never thought my first blog about them would be like this.


I wish I made my point clear now. I have nothing against these companies; I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was simply being honest & trying to help by constructive criticism. If they choose not to take my advice, then that's their call, & it would not make me mad. This doesn't make me mad, (either at them or me), it just saddens me.

However, it's not letting me down at all, on the contrary I'm happy to be faced with such new experiences as it would just keep letting me learn new lessons & learning is always a favorite of mine.

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