Thursday, September 9, 2010

See You Soon, Ramadan, See you soon, Teddy! Teddy.B Posts His Last 365th Post

As Muslims around the world say goodbye to the the greatest month of the year, the month of peace & mercy, Ramadan, may we all live to welcome it each year, Ameen; we are saying to goodbye to another beautiful thing too. A little stuffed bear that has entered our lives a year ago, & have entertained us every day since, as we accompanied him on his daily amusing travels.

In case you were hibernating all throughout the year or were living under a rock, & don't know who that stuffed bear I'm talking about is, well, his name is Teddy.B, has his own blog called "Year of Teddy" that had/has special mission & cause behind it.

As described in his blog;

Teddy is an alter ego. He willingly volunteered to become a social experiment to help someone settle back into their society. He was made in China, arrived here through a cargo delivery & was found in a toy shop in Kuwait. He doesn't recall any of his relatives & he's looking for love, friendship, & a steady life style. He roams around trying to experience the Kuwaiti life, dragging his owner with him. (Year of

   Check out Teddy.B!  

A few days ago, fans & Teddy.B followers bid farewell to the fluffy little bear as they read his last post that marked the 365th day of Teddy's year & & the countdown Teddy watch was forever stopped.

Yet, another countdown has started, as in  just a few weeks or so, Teddy will accomplish his last deed as he will be sold to charity as a beautiful ending to his social experiment/cause.

I wish I could go into further details, but I shall be brief now as I'm short on time; as you know, Eid is just a few hours away & I still got lots of stuff to do before I get some much needed sleep. But stay tuned for a more in depth "special" post about this little fluffy friend very soon (in sha' Allah).

In the mean time, check out "Year of Teddy" to learn more about him & his special social experiment & beautiful charitable cause through going through his lovely & amusing daily photographic journal.

See You Soon, Ted!


It's the last day of Ramadan, may we get to observe it every year, wishing all Muslims around the world accepted fasting & praying, ameen, & Happy Eid!

تقبل الله طاعتكم و كل عام و أنتم بخير


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  1. فطر سعيد عليج وكل عام وانتي بألف خير وللأسف رمضان انتهى بسرعة ودي الأشهر كلها تكون رمضان..

  2. i cant believe it that its already 1 year since i first heard of teddy.


  3. قلم و مساحة:

    و انت بخير و صحة و سلامة يا رب ، صج رمضان هالسنة مر بسرعة عسى الله يعوده علينا كل سنة وكل عام بخير و سلام


    yeah, can you believe it?? Years pass so quickly recently...

    Minna wo minkum 9ali7 ila3mal, wo kil 3am wontow b5air

  4. Hope you had a blast on your Eid :) thanks for visiting my blog..sorry I have just been too busy with things :)

  5. Thanks, Amu! No problem, brother! I know how busy one can be, so how about getting married too?!! lol Congrats on your new life! Wishing you all the best! :D



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