Friday, May 28, 2010



By: Just a Bunch of Thoughts

Call me whatever you want
I don't care, I've made my call
Nobody is to run my life except for my soul
God, I feel like suffocating
You're ripping my hear out
sucking all the air out of me
You're not doing the right thing for me
Get off of my chest
I will do what I feel
When I feel to
No one, not you, nor society
Will alter my call
It's all in God's hands, so just drop it!
Nothing will happen if it wasn't meant to be!
I wish if you would just listen & not just hear!
That is if you ever even hear!
I feel like I'm getting sick
Sick of all your pushing & lack of faith!
Just leave me alone, will you?
You never know, but this is might be the best for me
So, just have faith in God, like I have faith in him
& just remember that everything happens by his commands
So if you want me to do what you wish
I won't do it, unless God says so
So back off! Get out of my way!!!
Leave me alone, so I can be free!
I know you love me,
But do you really care?
What you're asking me isn't something,
that you can easily answer to!
What you're asking me to do is something only "I" will make a decision of!
Not you! Not them! Not society!
Only ME!!
& until time comes, I shall be free of your nagging & pressuring, OKAY?!




  1. Thank you very much...
    I loved it...

  2. You're welcome, Strawberry; I was just venting out. I'm glad you loved it; I was thinking of taking it but decided against it. I'm happy that I didn't :)



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