Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bits & Pieces from Yallah Shabab Expo

I went to Yalla Shabab Expo this weekend, which was held at Mishref International Fairground, hall 8. Here's what my camera caught for you guys, enjoy ;)

First thing I noticed, was the huge open space & bright atmosphere! Hall 8 is known to be really huge, but with so much free space it felt even huger! Totally loved the open space! It felt so freeing! hee hee

One of my favorite participant ever, The Green Target Company offers eco-friendly products & helps promote recycling for a better world. Anyone who's got any paper waste can contact them & they will be more than happy to pick your unwanted paper waste for recycling from your door step, so you don't even need to go to them; they'll just pick it up for you! Great job! Love GTC!

They sell garbage bags & "Sma6ts" made out of a Eco-friendly material that wont take thousand year to dissolve! So, people, you better switch your regular plastic products & use these Eco-friendly ones & help make a change :)
Little Beads is one of my favorite spots there too. Talented hand-made accessories made with not only creativity, but love & passion by two stylish talented ladies. Check out their cute designs at their Facebook group & join to get the latest updates on new styles & upcoming events. (plus, you can check out more of the photos I took on the group; I shall post them soon)

Future Angels, yet another fave target for anyone with kids. Parents can safely leave out their kids to these lovely girls who would not only take care of the kids while their parents shop away, but also help launch out any hidden creativity the kids might have hidden inside of them. They would let them free paint & create their own pieces of art, & have fun coloring away. They also offer face-painting for kids where kids would be transformed into whatever they wanna be!

Shoot My Game was the next spot that caught my attention. They specialize in professional photo shooting of you while playing your favorite game. So next time your playing football, tennis, basket ball, or whatever sport that you play, & you wonder how you look while you're at it, you might wanna call these guys & get your play shot!

I loooved Click O Print! I simply loved it! I won't say anything except that it's so cool, that I will leave it for you to discover what it is, & check it out for yourself, by visiting their cool website.

I just could not resist taking pictures of the Chocolateness promo ladies! hee hee you know, I was drawn in by their outfits! hee hee
Chocolateness offers the best Molten Cake, as their ad states, but I really cannot say anything about their products as I still haven't tasted them yet, so until I do, I shall keep my mouth shut. (This is what happens when you go to these expos when you're totally full, & can't even stand looking at the gazillion food booths at expos these days! hee hee But it sure looks delicious, so next time in sha Allah.)

And last but not least, I passed by House of '90 to check out their latest stuff, & guess what? they still got the MJ buttons! ;P lol
I couldn't help not to take pics of course...

Well, these are just a handful of the participants out there, (If I were to list each & every one, I would take days to fill them all out! hee hee, plus, I had to run away from the extreme hot weather inside the expo, God! It felt like being inside a furnace or something! What was up with AC? I have no idea!).

Hope you enjoyed the pics, & if you need any more details, just check out the embedded links (in the titles of brands at the head of the pictures) & sail away ;)



  1. رحت المعرض بس لاعت جبدي من الزحمه

    شكرا على الصور :)

  2. il3afu ^^

    hee hee ana la3at chbdy min ilbaqqa wil7ar! waay kan shy mu 6abee3y, wala msakeen ilbaya3een!

    ana re7t imbacher, ma kan fee za7ma, kan zain :)

  3. Mashkooora wayed 3ala el visit... I really felt that you were a butterfly going around the exhibition :) And your opinion of Click O Print is much much appreciated :)

  4. Awww, your welcome! I really, really loved your project, & your website is so pretty & the photobook idea is just amazing, I can't wait to try it out!
    Hopefully you will grow even more & offer more printing options too, like larger calendars, canvas, & perhaps T-shirts?? :D
    Wishing you all the best Click O Print! Keep visiting!

  5. Saud(SHOOT YOUR GAME)June 1, 2010 at 1:02 AM

    t9dgen madry ench yaitay w 9wrtay .. !!
    lol knt mnsh'3l mthl ma mbayin b9ora =\
    bs really thanks a lot for this words about us
    elklam ely ktbteh 3na a7sn mn elmqdma ely 37na 7a6enha ;Pp
    thanks again =)

  6. thanks sis about the sweet comments about us ( shoot your game ) .. we offer you a free shooting trip =Pp .. its people like you .. who give us hope & the stranth to keep going =D

  7. Your welcome, Saud!
    Really, so you didn't notice me at all? I thought you didn't wanna take a certain pose like your partners & just preferred to be all natural! hee hee

    Your words & Click O Print's really humble me. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Keep visiting!

  8. Omg, I just saw your lovely comment, Anonymous! Thank you! That would be my pleasure! =D

    And just like I said earlier, you're sweet comments keep me going too, thnx :)
    Keep visiting!

  9. Nunu Al.mansour (Future Angels)
    Wow Thank you So much ;;*
    A5jaltay tawatho3na ;$ El.kalam 7ada 7elw!:D Thaanxx Dear <3

  10. 7ayaty, shda3wa, masawwaina shy, tistahlon ^^
    Thank you for your sweet comments, keep it up, girls! ^^
    Keep visiting!



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