Monday, March 19, 2012

Purina Ad Made Me Cry :'(

I'm in tears now...

I never expected to be crying while watching this:

I miss having cats around!!! :'(((((


  1. haha..shda3wa you love cats all that much? :)

    i agree with the video, there a stigma attached to owning cats.. its 'crazy cat lady' stigma.

    but you know what, the people are not to blame.. cats REAAALLY love to populate. last year we had two.. now we have two months we might have 13 :(

    you can have them if you want.

  2. oooohhh! I ADORE them! But unfortunately I cannot have any :"(

    Are you seriously offering to give your cats away? I know someone who's looking for a cat, and she doesn't want to "buy" one, if you're serious about giving one away to her, then how can she contact you?

    I'm sure there are lots of people looking to have cats as well, so how about you share their pictures with us here on the blog? Maybe they'd find some loving home for them (in case you truly can't provide for them anymore).

    By the way, there's a solution for the issue you've pointed out; it's called neutering.

  3. yes, we are VERY serious about giving them away. and if it was up to me I would neuter them wa7id wara il thany.. but my dad is the stumbling block.

    is she looking for kittens or slightly older cats? (i.e. 8-12 months).

    anyway, if your friend is serious..and if I am able to convince my dad, I will contact you.

  4. I don't understand why you're facing an issue with neutering if you're giving them away?

    I'm not sure, I shall ask her. And yes, last time I checked she was really serious. I will check up on that too. What breed are they by they way?

    1. the 2 original cats we wanted to have them neutered. but my dad refused. after they had kids, we wanted to have them neutered, but again my dad refused. you get the picture.

      now that they are multiplying like crazy, my dad is considering giving some of the the newborn kids away.

      shirazi. light gray. something like this.

    2. Your dad seems to be attached to the older kitties?

      I just contacted the one asking for kitties, and she's really looking forward to have one (she adored the pic/video), and she's wondering how she may contact you. Please send me you info on my email and I'll forward it to her.

      Plus, are they vaccinated? Are they 100% indoor cats? Any hair problems/loss?

      Thanks for sharing the love of cats!

  5. hello there,

    thank you so much for bringing up this issue.

    yes I want to have one. we grew up having pets all around the house. we had to stop having them for few years. now we can have at least two different pets, like one bird and one cat.

    please do contact m as soon as possible.
    kindly get the emails from just a bunch.

    thank you so much. looking forward to hearing from you

  6. she can send me an email at and I will reply to her with my fathers # so that her brother/father can contact him.

    and yes, the cats, their parents, and their grandparents are all indoor cats.. and they are all vaccinated.

    btw, if she wants the kittens they are still nursing.. the older cats (8-12 months) are oven fresh though.. bil 3araby 6aza and ready to go :)

    take care.

  7. Whoops! I wasn't supposed to publish this!
    Sorry, I didn't mean to violate your privacy! I have no idea how to hide these comments without losing content!

    unless you don't mind...??

    1. la t7ateen.. manny wild wazeer ;)

      let her send me an email and inshallah i will send her my dad's #



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