Monday, March 19, 2012

Customs Strike Affected My Salad Dressing Preference!! >:(

Thanks to the strike at Kuwait customs, I had to season my salad with the artificial salad dressing (which I happen to dislike) instead of my preferred fresh yogurt which had run out of stock*. 

When will this ridiculousness end???


*According to Kuwaitful and word-of-mouth.



  1. it really is ridiculous.. i dont understant how these people can sleep at night knowing that they are taking part in strikes that are costing the country millions of $ a day and hurting the people of kuwait more than anyone else.

    allah yahdeehom... khal ya7midoon rabhom 3la il ni3ma ily ohma feeha.. il jsh3 mo zain

  2. I'm with constitutional rights and all that, but strikes aren't the only (or best) solution out there; strikers don't realize the outcome of their actions really... I hope they can see it now before it gets even worse. Hopefully every issue gets solved soon.



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