Monday, March 19, 2012

I won Danderma's 20,000 Comment Giveaway!

Dear Danderma was having a special giveaway for the 20,000 comment owner...





I still can't believe it!

I'm not the type of person that usually wins free stuff! heehee

Let alone stuff that are worthy!

So, it feels so FUN!!

Thanks to Danderma for conducting such a beautiful giveaway! I wasn't anticipating winning. I wasn't even looking closely at the picture that well to begin with! When I realized that "I",  Just A Bunch have really won, and I wasn't hallucinating (I was really feeling tired and needed to sleep), I went back to the site (I first saw the notification post on mobile) to check what I have won! LOOOL

An Apple TV!

Then it hit me, I was like, oh, yeah, I think I have spotted some gadget thingy going on when I first saw the special post earlier today, but I didn't really focus and it's as if I never saw what the prize is!

To be frank, I still have very little knowledge about what an Apple TV is really like! LOL All I know that it's an Apple product, related to TV, and Danderma is giving away one, so it must be great!




Would you like to win something cool too? Well, why not hop over to Danderma's, be a dedicated reader, and stay tuned for future wonderful posts by the lovely Danderma? Who knows, maybe YOU will be the next winner of a cooler giveaway one day! :D

* Credits: Screen captures: Danderma (All Rights Reserved)



  1. ma3any mo mit2ked what exactly an apple tv does..mabrook :)

    i know how you feel, all i ever won was free fries from kintaky..and am pretty sure it was my brothers imse7 wirbe7 not mine!

  2. Thanks! I still don't know 100% either, but I have to try it first! I feel like sharing it around since I don't really have time to watch TV as the old days; I wish I won something like an iPad or something! heehe now that would be super used by me for sure! But I'm glad I won an Apple product anyways & I will make use of it akeed! (if not personally, then with the family :)

    heehee sh5bary imsa7 wirba7! xD Annoying! Or those scam offers I get from salons (as if they'd offer me free facials for Allah's sake y3ny! lol)



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