Sunday, March 28, 2010

KTGW's Earth Hour 2010: A Success Story

Last night, Kuwait joined over a hundred other countries in the fight against climate change by switching off the light on major buildings & landmarks in support of the global event known as "Earth Hour".

This is the third year Kuwait participates, & this year, in my opinion seems to be the best ever! I attended the Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming's special Earth Hour open day of this year, which was held on the Scientific Center yesterday, & had extreme fun! This year's event was the best!

The day was packed of numerous activities, fun education, & entertaining shows. I really enjoyed PK Jaguar's thrilling Parkour (.1) show, (had fun shooting pix!!), really loved the musical segment where some talented young guys played guitar (GOD, I LOOOOVE guitars... ), & had fun learning more about the hazards of Global warming & climate change by watching the comedic Play by Al-Jeel Al-Wa'ey.

But the biggest highlight of the evening, to me, (besides Earth Hour of course!), was Al-Ejairi's lecture. I finally met one of my dreams!!! You have no idea how much I wished to one day meet this amazing figure!! You have no idea how much fun I had last night!! hee hee He's such a sweet man, God bless him, & he just loved to educate & teach & keep you from getting board by telling you jokes every now & then! hee hee He's just the greatest!

True, what I wished for is far from what I got but it's still fun!! You see, I wished to "meet" him, & by "meet", I mean, sit down & have a chat with the man, not just take pics with him & not introduce myself. My biggest dream is to go to the Al-Ejairi Observatory & take pictures of the moon & Saturn (.2) ... aww, aww, awww!! My faves!
I've always loved astronomy, esp when I was a kid. I wished to study it when I grow up. But as I grew older, I found out that I was attracted to the literary & art fields more than science & related fields, (I suck at math, so that was a huge set back... lol).

So anyways, for those who don't know who Dr. Al-Ejairi is; he's the KING of astronomy in Kuwait, & in the Arab World too! He's been on my People-to-Meet list for a while. This past year, my wishes of meeting him grew stronger & stronger as a lot of of the people on my list have actually passed away before I could get the chance to meet them, (for ex: Late Baba Jaber, & yes, MJ...), so I was determined to set a date & meet with Dr. Al-Ejairi before he goes away too... (Allah ye6awel b3umrah in Sha Allah. (.3) ). But as you know how life is, (my life at least,); days just fly by so fast without me setting any dates yet.

Audience engaging in the lecture & asking questions

But luckily, Allah wanted me to finally meet up with this great teacher & I was meant to finally see him!!! Oh, it was soooo great! I loved him! He's just adorable; God bless him. His lecture was about climate change & what will happen to us if we continue our dangerous acts towards this planet. What I love about this man, is that he teaches you things, you already know about, but really didn't know, if you know what I mean. What I'm trying to say, is that you get an idea about something, but he will just teach you more & more about it. And unlike other boring lectures (& lecturers); the doctor's lectures are never out of funny stories & his old grandpa-like story telling is what makes him unique & worth tuning to.

Children love Dr. Al-Ejari! ^^

I wish I had fully listened to the lecture last night, but too bad there was echo in the area, so it was a bit hard to get. Plus I was too busy taking pictures of him! loool
But it's alright; we took videos, so I could still watch, you know. But from what I managed to hear, it wasn't really something new, (to me, I mean, cuz I like to watch his weekly segment on "Taw Ellail" (.4), so a lot of the stories (if not all) he mentioned last night & funny jokes he told every now & then, weren't new to me; still I laugh every time, regardless of how many times he'd already mentioned it. Just like any old man you encounter... They'd keep repeating the same stories over & over but you still get to enjoy them as if its the first time you listen to them. :)

Dr. Al-Ejairi surrounded by appreciative fans ^^

So, that was big to me. Another huge thing to me was that I finally got me a new Canon EOS & I used it for the first time yesterday! Yaaaaayyyy!!! (golow ma sha Allah!) It was a lot of fun!! My first professional camera... ahhhh... Felt like I was on cloud nine... mmmm.... *goes high again*
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no way claiming to be a professional; I'm still on the very first page & making my way around it. I still have VERY little knowledge of using this camera so please, if your picture got a bit blurry on the way, don't blame me. but thankfully, most of the 600+ I took last night were really great & worth selling! (I mean, publishing.. ehm, ehm... hee hee What? I will be done volunteering soon; gotta make some money! I'm nearly broke!), so thank God ^^
I just need to keep practicing... So, please, tell me what you think of my pics, okay? ;)

PK Jaguars flying up in the air

Part of Al-Jeel Al-Wa'ey's educative comic play;
this part killed me with all this "powder" used! hee hee it smelled funny! xD

Ok, so back to the event! lol, when the clock neared 8:30; Earth Hour count down began, & then the lights slowly turned down until they fully went off in like 70-80% of the area. It was FUN!! As we wooooohooooo-ed & cheered! It was like a new year party! hee hee lol xD
Too bad, I missed this on video. I was in charge on the snap shots, & my friends & cousins were in charge of taking video, but they missed it... :(

Anyways, they've managed to take some vids that I will be uploading soon, so keep checking for updates.

Musical Segment by candle lights

Speaking of videos, Chay Al-Dhaha "شاي الضحى" took amazing video of Kuwait Towers as they switched off, check it out!!!

Woohooo!!! Cool!

Thnx Chay!! L.O.V.E you!!!


The hour passed in a minute! I wanted to take more pictures & I wanted to take pics of me, at the special "60" Earth Hour symbol, but when you are a reporter, you rarely take pics of yourself; you're too busy taking pics of others & by the time you want to take some pics of yourself, the moments would've already passed you by.
But it's okay, I managed to take some pics of me on the end, which are okay! ;)

The night was very successful, thank God. I can't wait to check the statistic reports! I wanna see how much energy we've saved!!

On behalf of the Team; I would like to thank each & every one who participated in this amazing event, either by coming to the event or by turning off at their own homes; everyone who helped spread awareness about this important matter is thanked from the bottom of our hearts.


Special Thanks to a special guest that loves the environment & supports such causes who happily passed by us last night during Earth Hour & helped make a change....

Guess who????

Who's that fuzzy little creature in the middle??? ;P


Don't forget to tune in on Kuwait local channels (1 & 2 just to be sure), to watch the special report about this event ;)

Thank You ALL!!


Still Got lots of pics to share, but will mostly be posting them on the Team's Facebook group & site, (Shall share links later).

Keep it up, Team, you rock! ^^


So how was your Earth Hour? Share your stories!!!



- Please, check out previous entries (posts) for the links; I'm currently having a massive headache & I'm dying to sleep...

1. Free Running
2. زحل
3. May God extends & elongates his life
4. Local Night Show

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Forget to Switch Off Tonight!!!

Show "Earth" That You CARE!!!

To learn more about Earth Hour check out my previous post, or simply visit this link

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Event: Earth Hour at the Scientific Center

Just like last year (& every year), The Kuwait Team for Global Warming, is organizing this year'sEarth Hour Event. A packed up day, full of both: education & entertainment, (they don't usually go together, right?? lol) where people will be learning more about going green & saving the planet, as well as getting entertained by the numerous entertainment shows that will be held all through out the day.

Some of the programs included on the event:

  • Wall Art (Graffiti), Environmental Photo Gallery
  • Games & competitions: Kids Clue Hunt
  • Kids Art & craft (made by recycled material)
  • Thrilling performance by "PK Jaguars"
  • Lecture by honorable "Dr. Saleh Al-Ejairi" (د. صالح العجيري - I Can't wait to finally meet him!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!)
  • Musical Performances
  • Theatrical Play by "Jeel Wa'ey" (جيل واعي)

& so much more!!
Dr. Saleh Al-Ejairi د. صالح العجيري
(picture credit: Kuna)

PK Jaguars
(Picture credit: PK Jaguars)

The Earth Hour open day will take place on the Scientific Center be on this Saturday starting from 4 to 10 PM. RSVP to this event on Facebook here.

Everyone is welcome :)


In Arabic - بالعربي

يقيم "الفريق الكويتي لمكافحة الاحتباس الحراري" اليوم المفتوح الخاص بمناسبة "يوم الأرض" و ذلك في المركز العلمي ، يوم السبت 27 مارس من الساعة 4 الى 10 ، حيث الفعاليات والأنشطة التوعوية و الترفيهية و المسابقات الممتعة ، و الحضور المميز للدكتور الفاضل صالح العجيري و نخبة من المواهب الشابة الصاعدة .

جانب من الانشطة:

محاضرة - د . صالح العجيري -
مسرحية - جيل واعي -
فقرات موسيقية -
معرض تصوير بيئي -
رسم فني على الحائط -
مسابقات للاطفال -

و غيرها الكثير!!!

شاركونا الحدث و احدثوا التغيير ، الأرض تناديكم.

مع تحيات، الفريق الكويتي لمكافحة الاحتباس الحراري


The Team's official ad (being played in all Cinescape theaters this week):

Video about the dangers & effect of Global Warming in brief:



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make a Change & Switch off for Earth Hour

Wow, it's sooo amazing how a year could pass by so fast like this, isn't?!! It's the end of March, & what does that mean? Oh, yeah, it's "Earth Hour" time, baby!! Yeah!!!

Last year, I attended my first Earth Hour Event & I had sooo much fun, & I planned to forever be a part of it. For those of you who don't know what Earth Hour means, it's basically an annual global event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature, also known as World Wildlife Fund), where everyone, individuals or organizations, could be part of spreading the message & help raise awareness towards the need to take action against Climate Change & Global Warming.
All we have to do is simply shut down all unnecessary lights, electricity, & other carbon dioxide consuming machines & appliances, for only one hour, starting from 8:30 to 9:30 PM on Saturday March 27. (Wikipedia)

A group of youth posing next to the Earth Hour symbol; the number "60" lit up in candles.
( Picture from last year's event March 28, 2009)

Watch this video to learn more (focus on the video from 2:15 to 2:16, what do you see??? ;P)

And/or read more about Earth Hour here.

Simple, isn't it?

So what are you waiting for? Turn off your lights, & show support!! Make a stand, make a change!


I can't help but share one of my top favorite MJ songs on this environmental event...

Such a deep song. That man really cared about this world. I wish if all of us cared as much as MJ (& the rest of the people who care about Earth issues), then the world would've been really a better place.

We still could do it. For us, for our children, for the planet.

So let's do it!!!


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

P2BK 2010: Day Two

Here some the videos I took on the second day...

Hope you enjoyed them ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

P2BK 2010: Day One

I went to P2BK expo last night & took my first discovery look. This is the first time for me to go to any P2BK expos. Yes, I KNOW, I wasn't living! Omg, I expected it to be big & cool, but I didn't really expect it to be that cool & huge!!! I fell in love instantly! I couldn't get off my camera; I kept snapping & snapping & wishing for the millionth times that I had a professional camera!!! I mean, the options were unlimited! The designs were awesome, I totally fell in love with the general decor!!!

I went there around 8 o'clock, pretty late I know, but I managed to browse 99% of the place. I was happy to finally come face to face with the people behind some of my favorite businesses I've stumbled upon on the go like Frost & Deer & Dear for example. I've tried Frost's yummy & cute cupcakes at a family gathering one night, but I always wished to check it out for myself, & meet the girl behind those yummy frosts! Farah Dashti's frosts are awesome.

Here are some of the participants at this year's Expo:

Sparkle Events

It's really a great experience, everyone should not miss.

I have a lot more pictures, & info, will be updating you guys later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P2BK 2010 Starts Today

Don't miss out Proud To Be Kuwaiti Expo (P2BK 2010) that starts today Wednesday March 17 till Friday March 19 2010, at Kuwait National Fairground, hall 8.

Opening hours:

Morning: 10:00 - 2:00
Evening: 4:00 - 9:30
(except for Friday: Evening period only)

Here's a glimpse of some of the proud participants (that I'm most interested in for now):

I personally am running to check these few first!! ;)
But I am just as excited to check out the rest of the participants too...

P2BK official ad...

Check out the rest of the participants & get the links to these companies by visiting P2BK event page on facebook.


Official website:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ezgrt Launches New Accessories Line

Ezgrt has just launched a new line of being ezgrt*. The new accessories line consisting of the coolest bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, & key chains, will sure enough send some giggles, & 'awwwws!!' on your way.

Here some of the designs:

For all of you Daddy's girls ^^

This one is so funny! hee hee

For football fans

Special for sweet moms :)

Kuwait love, I'm in love with this one :)

Check out more lovely designs on Ezgrt Accessories' facebook group, & don't forget to visit Ezgrt on the upcoming P2BK expo at Kuwait International Fair, in Mishref, Hall 8, starting tomorrow, March 17 & for three days.

Photo credit:



* Ezgrt is Kuwaiti slang for 'cool'.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Train is Coming, Baby!!! The Train is Coming Now!!!

Omg, I had Fox Movies on this morning & this movie came on, "Money Train", I guess I caught the name. I wasn't really watching; I was too busy on facebook, with my eyes glued on the laptop screen, when my ears caught up with the fading sound coming from the TV...

Familiar music... familiar beat...

I instantly got this feeling that I might be going to have a nostalgic moment very soon! So I grabbed the remote & pumped up the volume...

I started to recognize some of the lyrics...

The train is coming, baby...
The train is coiming now...
The train is coming baby...
The train is coming now...

Omg, I totally recognized it!!! I definitely knew the song!! But I wasn't sure which one is it, or who sang it!!! hee hee

I had to look it up, I told myself...

Which is what I just did!!! hee hee & omg!!! the moment I first saw the first scene I knew it right away!! hee hee OMG!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love nostalgic moments like these!!! I ADORE them!!!! hee hee

So, here's the video!!!


Anybody recognizes this??? looool

I love it!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Now you can become a fan on Facebook!

Great news to you my dear readers!!! I finally created my facebook fan page!!! hee hee
Now you can become a fan of "Just a Bunch of Thoughts" & suggest the blog to your friends!!!


Peace & L.O.V.E!!!

Stay tuned & you can soon follow me on Twitter too!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Teddy.B Merchandise!! FINALLY!!!

At Last!!! Teddy.B goodies have arrived!!! Check out the cute Teddy.B merchandise at Planet Kuwait Exhibition from March 4 - 5, at the Movempick Convention Center, Free Trade Zone.

Teddy.B is there, of course, so all of you Teddy.B fans get a chance to cuddle & squeeze him if you want! hee hee

Or you might just admire him with no touching... lol

Look how cute he's hanged in there! hee hee xD

Alright, after you're done giggling over his cuteness, take a look at some of the goodies in there ;)

T-Shirts, Stickers, Mugs, Umbrellas, Stress Balls, Pillows...

Remember!!! All Proceeds are for the good cause Teddy.B is! So buy as much as you could! After all, its all for charity! ;)

Isn't Teddy the cutest cause ever??? hee hee

And before you leave, make sure you sign Teddy!!! hee hee

Enjoy the pictures I took & hurry up to the expo to get your own Teddy goodies!



I have taken some more pictures on the second day of the expo & might add them later or upload them on a different post ;)
- March 6, 2010, 2:06 AM

For more information, check out:


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