Thursday, March 25, 2010

Event: Earth Hour at the Scientific Center

Just like last year (& every year), The Kuwait Team for Global Warming, is organizing this year'sEarth Hour Event. A packed up day, full of both: education & entertainment, (they don't usually go together, right?? lol) where people will be learning more about going green & saving the planet, as well as getting entertained by the numerous entertainment shows that will be held all through out the day.

Some of the programs included on the event:

  • Wall Art (Graffiti), Environmental Photo Gallery
  • Games & competitions: Kids Clue Hunt
  • Kids Art & craft (made by recycled material)
  • Thrilling performance by "PK Jaguars"
  • Lecture by honorable "Dr. Saleh Al-Ejairi" (د. صالح العجيري - I Can't wait to finally meet him!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!)
  • Musical Performances
  • Theatrical Play by "Jeel Wa'ey" (جيل واعي)

& so much more!!
Dr. Saleh Al-Ejairi د. صالح العجيري
(picture credit: Kuna)

PK Jaguars
(Picture credit: PK Jaguars)

The Earth Hour open day will take place on the Scientific Center be on this Saturday starting from 4 to 10 PM. RSVP to this event on Facebook here.

Everyone is welcome :)


In Arabic - بالعربي

يقيم "الفريق الكويتي لمكافحة الاحتباس الحراري" اليوم المفتوح الخاص بمناسبة "يوم الأرض" و ذلك في المركز العلمي ، يوم السبت 27 مارس من الساعة 4 الى 10 ، حيث الفعاليات والأنشطة التوعوية و الترفيهية و المسابقات الممتعة ، و الحضور المميز للدكتور الفاضل صالح العجيري و نخبة من المواهب الشابة الصاعدة .

جانب من الانشطة:

محاضرة - د . صالح العجيري -
مسرحية - جيل واعي -
فقرات موسيقية -
معرض تصوير بيئي -
رسم فني على الحائط -
مسابقات للاطفال -

و غيرها الكثير!!!

شاركونا الحدث و احدثوا التغيير ، الأرض تناديكم.

مع تحيات، الفريق الكويتي لمكافحة الاحتباس الحراري


The Team's official ad (being played in all Cinescape theaters this week):

Video about the dangers & effect of Global Warming in brief:




  1. wooow.. amazing.. thanx a bunch ^_^


  2. You're welcome, hun!

    & Welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"! Hope u like it in here! ^^

  3. Thanks For the Invitation :)

  4. amazing , definitely doing it , but i don't i'll participate with the scientific center because i have an exam tomorrow :( thanks a lot :)

  5. Abdelwahab:

    Thank you for your support; wish you did well on the exam (I prayed for you ^^ )

    & welcome ALL to the blog; hope u like it ^^



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