Sunday, March 28, 2010

KTGW's Earth Hour 2010: A Success Story

Last night, Kuwait joined over a hundred other countries in the fight against climate change by switching off the light on major buildings & landmarks in support of the global event known as "Earth Hour".

This is the third year Kuwait participates, & this year, in my opinion seems to be the best ever! I attended the Kuwaiti Team for Global Warming's special Earth Hour open day of this year, which was held on the Scientific Center yesterday, & had extreme fun! This year's event was the best!

The day was packed of numerous activities, fun education, & entertaining shows. I really enjoyed PK Jaguar's thrilling Parkour (.1) show, (had fun shooting pix!!), really loved the musical segment where some talented young guys played guitar (GOD, I LOOOOVE guitars... ), & had fun learning more about the hazards of Global warming & climate change by watching the comedic Play by Al-Jeel Al-Wa'ey.

But the biggest highlight of the evening, to me, (besides Earth Hour of course!), was Al-Ejairi's lecture. I finally met one of my dreams!!! You have no idea how much I wished to one day meet this amazing figure!! You have no idea how much fun I had last night!! hee hee He's such a sweet man, God bless him, & he just loved to educate & teach & keep you from getting board by telling you jokes every now & then! hee hee He's just the greatest!

True, what I wished for is far from what I got but it's still fun!! You see, I wished to "meet" him, & by "meet", I mean, sit down & have a chat with the man, not just take pics with him & not introduce myself. My biggest dream is to go to the Al-Ejairi Observatory & take pictures of the moon & Saturn (.2) ... aww, aww, awww!! My faves!
I've always loved astronomy, esp when I was a kid. I wished to study it when I grow up. But as I grew older, I found out that I was attracted to the literary & art fields more than science & related fields, (I suck at math, so that was a huge set back... lol).

So anyways, for those who don't know who Dr. Al-Ejairi is; he's the KING of astronomy in Kuwait, & in the Arab World too! He's been on my People-to-Meet list for a while. This past year, my wishes of meeting him grew stronger & stronger as a lot of of the people on my list have actually passed away before I could get the chance to meet them, (for ex: Late Baba Jaber, & yes, MJ...), so I was determined to set a date & meet with Dr. Al-Ejairi before he goes away too... (Allah ye6awel b3umrah in Sha Allah. (.3) ). But as you know how life is, (my life at least,); days just fly by so fast without me setting any dates yet.

Audience engaging in the lecture & asking questions

But luckily, Allah wanted me to finally meet up with this great teacher & I was meant to finally see him!!! Oh, it was soooo great! I loved him! He's just adorable; God bless him. His lecture was about climate change & what will happen to us if we continue our dangerous acts towards this planet. What I love about this man, is that he teaches you things, you already know about, but really didn't know, if you know what I mean. What I'm trying to say, is that you get an idea about something, but he will just teach you more & more about it. And unlike other boring lectures (& lecturers); the doctor's lectures are never out of funny stories & his old grandpa-like story telling is what makes him unique & worth tuning to.

Children love Dr. Al-Ejari! ^^

I wish I had fully listened to the lecture last night, but too bad there was echo in the area, so it was a bit hard to get. Plus I was too busy taking pictures of him! loool
But it's alright; we took videos, so I could still watch, you know. But from what I managed to hear, it wasn't really something new, (to me, I mean, cuz I like to watch his weekly segment on "Taw Ellail" (.4), so a lot of the stories (if not all) he mentioned last night & funny jokes he told every now & then, weren't new to me; still I laugh every time, regardless of how many times he'd already mentioned it. Just like any old man you encounter... They'd keep repeating the same stories over & over but you still get to enjoy them as if its the first time you listen to them. :)

Dr. Al-Ejairi surrounded by appreciative fans ^^

So, that was big to me. Another huge thing to me was that I finally got me a new Canon EOS & I used it for the first time yesterday! Yaaaaayyyy!!! (golow ma sha Allah!) It was a lot of fun!! My first professional camera... ahhhh... Felt like I was on cloud nine... mmmm.... *goes high again*
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no way claiming to be a professional; I'm still on the very first page & making my way around it. I still have VERY little knowledge of using this camera so please, if your picture got a bit blurry on the way, don't blame me. but thankfully, most of the 600+ I took last night were really great & worth selling! (I mean, publishing.. ehm, ehm... hee hee What? I will be done volunteering soon; gotta make some money! I'm nearly broke!), so thank God ^^
I just need to keep practicing... So, please, tell me what you think of my pics, okay? ;)

PK Jaguars flying up in the air

Part of Al-Jeel Al-Wa'ey's educative comic play;
this part killed me with all this "powder" used! hee hee it smelled funny! xD

Ok, so back to the event! lol, when the clock neared 8:30; Earth Hour count down began, & then the lights slowly turned down until they fully went off in like 70-80% of the area. It was FUN!! As we wooooohooooo-ed & cheered! It was like a new year party! hee hee lol xD
Too bad, I missed this on video. I was in charge on the snap shots, & my friends & cousins were in charge of taking video, but they missed it... :(

Anyways, they've managed to take some vids that I will be uploading soon, so keep checking for updates.

Musical Segment by candle lights

Speaking of videos, Chay Al-Dhaha "شاي الضحى" took amazing video of Kuwait Towers as they switched off, check it out!!!

Woohooo!!! Cool!

Thnx Chay!! L.O.V.E you!!!


The hour passed in a minute! I wanted to take more pictures & I wanted to take pics of me, at the special "60" Earth Hour symbol, but when you are a reporter, you rarely take pics of yourself; you're too busy taking pics of others & by the time you want to take some pics of yourself, the moments would've already passed you by.
But it's okay, I managed to take some pics of me on the end, which are okay! ;)

The night was very successful, thank God. I can't wait to check the statistic reports! I wanna see how much energy we've saved!!

On behalf of the Team; I would like to thank each & every one who participated in this amazing event, either by coming to the event or by turning off at their own homes; everyone who helped spread awareness about this important matter is thanked from the bottom of our hearts.


Special Thanks to a special guest that loves the environment & supports such causes who happily passed by us last night during Earth Hour & helped make a change....

Guess who????

Who's that fuzzy little creature in the middle??? ;P


Don't forget to tune in on Kuwait local channels (1 & 2 just to be sure), to watch the special report about this event ;)

Thank You ALL!!


Still Got lots of pics to share, but will mostly be posting them on the Team's Facebook group & site, (Shall share links later).

Keep it up, Team, you rock! ^^


So how was your Earth Hour? Share your stories!!!



- Please, check out previous entries (posts) for the links; I'm currently having a massive headache & I'm dying to sleep...

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  1. Thank you "Just a bunch of thoughts" :)
    you are amazing...

  2. Your photos are simply profesional

  3. Thank you all, I highly appreciate your comments ^^

    Samia, did you attend the event on Saturday? ^^

  4. يعطيج العافيه

    مبين شغل متعوب عليه ما شاءالله عليكم

    مشكوووووره :)

  5. 7ayach Allah chay!

    Eee wallah, 7adda min ilgalb wallah ^^

    el3afo, 7ayach dayman ^^

  6. Ahlain Sarona,

    Thank u for ur lovely comment,
    eee 7adda wanasa ^^

    Welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"
    Enjoy :)

  7. I wish there was more awerness about this day. I didn;t hear about it till after it went by!

  8. Hey There, Dana! welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts" ^^

    There were notifications & invitations in the media (TV, radio, papers, blogs..etc), but I agree with you; there must have been more involvement from the media...

    I hate it when i find out about an important thing thats already passed! hee hee May i ask how did u find out about it?

    But its ok, now u know, so don't miss next year's!

    (that doesn't mean u can't start implementing 'green actions' from now of course ^^ )

    Keep visiting, u shall hear everything about this cause & the future events of the KTGW's.

    Peace & L.O.V.E ^^

  9. Nice shots but I would like to see what you shoot when you are not a photo-journalist let us see what you see RMoreno

  10. Hello R Moreno! Welcome to the blog!

    Thank you for your lovely comments about my pictures! Well, yeah, I don't have a lot of "Art Photography" pictures uploaded, in fact, I don't have a lot in general! LOL Most of my pictures are journalistic as that's my number one passion when it comes to picture taking. However, I'm currently trying to focus more on Art Photography so I might be posting some on the blog one day!!

    Thanks for passing by; Keep visiting!



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