Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ezgrt Launches New Accessories Line

Ezgrt has just launched a new line of being ezgrt*. The new accessories line consisting of the coolest bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, & key chains, will sure enough send some giggles, & 'awwwws!!' on your way.

Here some of the designs:

For all of you Daddy's girls ^^

This one is so funny! hee hee

For football fans

Special for sweet moms :)

Kuwait love, I'm in love with this one :)

Check out more lovely designs on Ezgrt Accessories' facebook group, & don't forget to visit Ezgrt on the upcoming P2BK expo at Kuwait International Fair, in Mishref, Hall 8, starting tomorrow, March 17 & for three days.

Photo credit: Ezgrt.com



* Ezgrt is Kuwaiti slang for 'cool'.


  1. عجبني حلوة اللبن حق امي هههههههه

    شكرا :)

  2. eee twannis, Allah y5leech limmuch we5aleeha likum in sha Allah ^^

  3. Thanks For the Coverage Sis,, Hope You like Our Collection Guys and Girls

    And Dear "Just" Thanks For The explanation I liked it ( Ezgrt is Kuwaiti slang for 'cool'. )
    and am gonna use it if u may let me =)

    Omar Alothman
    Ezgrt General Manager

  4. Ahlain Omar :)

    you're welcome, my brother! Sure, you can use it ;)

    & welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts", hope you liked it in here^^
    I hope u keep visiting as new "special P2BK" posts are coming very soon ^^



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