Monday, May 12, 2008

Bayt Lothan's 8th Annual Gallery

On Sat May 10, 2008 I went to visit Bayt Lothan's annual gallery. It was my first visit to the club, so you can tell I was pretty excited!

After a few times of circling & re-circling the roads I found the place. As I entered the place I noticed that it was hot? Ooh, What?! The place is open?!! Arrgh! I kinda forgot that it's an old Arabic (or Kuwaiti) house. There's a implanted ceiling but it did not cover the whole lobby/Haush area (hot air, dust, rain, all can get inside). That figures why they call it Bayt Lothan! But seriously! they're should be air conditioning in the "Haush" (I saw a fan, but that is not suitable air-conditioning by my standards.)! After quite a few minutes it gets pretty uncomfortable. Not to mention all the bugs!

LOL, its just my luck! it was hot that day! But come on! I came in the evening time! What would happen if it was in noon?! Oh, I don't wanna even think about it.

But thank God, there is air-conditioning in the classrooms!

Anyways, enough of the rant & let's get to real good thing! The gallery was amazing! There were hundreds of beautiful & fabulous photographs! I kept browsing, taking notes, & getting inspired! It makes me really happy & proud to see all these young & old, immature & professional Kuwaiti photographers!

I went alone. And as I entered the place, there were a bunch of boys & girls sitting in the lobby. I preferred to look first without asking about anything, (I always like to discover first, then ask) so I went directly to the centre of the Haush where there was several stands with pictures on them. I was captivated by a lot of spectacular pictures (I'll try to ask their owners to post some of them here). They made me stop for a moment to grasp the beauty, the sadness, the will, the challenge & so many other messages they conveyed. And I was gobsmacked by some pictures! I really don't know what some photographers think! (or How!)

The gallery started on May 5, 2008, & ends on the 15. Opening times are from 10:00 - 1:00 & from 5:00 - 9:00.

for more information you can call: 5755866
or visit:

Hurry Up! You will be taken to a trip through Art & beauty.

I'm definitely wanna go again.

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