Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Bye Baba Sa'ad ...

Here goes another great man ...

As I got out of my room tonight, I was faced by a very sad news ...

I could hear mom & dad talking in the living room about the death of someone ...
I wondered who was it? I kept hearing the TV presenter accepting condolences from callers ... I couldn't figure out who was it yet. Then Shaikh Sa'ad came to mind but I refused to believe before I hear it with my own ears.

Then as I approached the living room, I heard the presenter saying the name of baba Sa'ad. Then I said to my mom (even before saying salaam)"Sa'ad tewafa ..." just in a cool voice. Then uncontrollably, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. But I didn't cry. I didn't want to. "Now Bashaier* will be crushed." I continued to my mom. "She loves him."

Everybody does.

Shaikh Sa'ad, May you rest in peace.

Kuwait will miss you.

* one of my best friends.

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