Sunday, May 18, 2008

Election Day! Have you voted?

Today the 17th of the May marks a new beginning in Kuwait's democratic life. Election days have always been 'celebrated'. Well, I had to take a bite of the cake, & enjoy the festivities as I did my duty to my beloved country Kuwait. I'm from the first constituency, & my visit for my beloved old high school was a bonus to this hugely celebrated day.

Now usually, I dread voting. Especially, when I was in college, I only voted once. But this year, I wanted to really make a difference & vote based on my own beliefs. I might have made some mistakes, but it's still too soon to say that as the votes are not fully counted yet. But at least my votes were not influenced by others. I hope the most qualified would win. I have taken some pictures of some of the lovely people who were there, Enjoy!* Thanks to all the ones who have let me take their pictures.

Teenagers were filling the scene, throwing themselves at cars & holding their nominee’s cards, banners... etc. And helping & 'luring' the voters!

Children were not out of it either!

Clusters of campaign workers & volunteers crowded outside the polling place, waiting with pounding hearts, & anxious minds for the day to end & hear their supporters name in the winner's list.

Once voters run through the war zone (the path you take towards the polling booth) safely, they can concentrate well, before casting their ballots.

The voting process was running smoothly, & voters were calmly silent while they await their turns to vote.

I've enjoyed every bit of the whole time I was there except for some rude police officers who cannot resist the fact that they're in a place filled with the opposite sex! Some rude & suggestive comments were thrown here & there, but speaking of flirty police officers needs a whole another blog! But of course they're not always like that.
There were some funny moments too, especially from the elderly! As I was standing with my friend after we've cast our votes, an elderly women storms right pass us towards where her car is maybe, yapping out some words in frustration: "Red caps! Orange caps!" She was funny! My friend also heard another old woman saying: "I'll vote for he one who'll bring me water!"
If you have heard or encountered a funny situation, feel free to comment.


It's amazing to see all these people! Young & elderly, sick or fine, all gathered up to vote. But it is more amazing to see children all hype & running & persuading the voters to vote for their candidates! & the thing that got me really ... I don't know what word to choose ... taken aback? I don't know, you choose the word for me, I was a bit surprised to see "maids" in the scene! & speaking of maids will have to be in separate blog too! But seriously! We have become so dependent on them!


Another thing I have noticed, & I was bothered by it a lot, is the large number of garbage men, & garbage cans just a few yards away, yet the ground cannot be seen from all the clutter! Poor garbage men, work hard to bend down hundreds, (maybe thousands), of times a day to pick up YOUR garbage that you felt too fatigued to go & throw it in the garbage can yourself. Don't people have decency anymore??? That needs to be in a separate blog too.


Oh, & another rather depressing & embarrassing at the same time, is that when I asked this teenage supporter about the candidate's political beliefs. The poor girl got tongue tied!

A message to all future MPs: Do NOT recruit ignorant people!


I've heard (on the radio) that nominees & their campaign workers should be at least a hundred meters away from the polling booths. Apparently, Najlaa Alnaqi & Fouzy Alsweidan never heard of that. The latter even went right inside the school & kept 'saying hellos' to the female voters (who are yet to vote) & if they're having a good time. Talk about desperate!
Anyways, I won't blame them really. It is stressful.
In the end, I just hope tomorrow we'll hear good news of a 'New' parliament.


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