Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Do You Think of My New Layout Picture? :)

I've been wanting to change the layout of the blog for quite a while. I wanted to add something that is 'Me'. I asked a "mystery" designer to do me a 'special' picture design for 'Just a Bunch of Thoughts', & the result is this!

What do you think?



Thanks to the lovely "mystery" desinger for creating this beautiful design! :D

Like the design? Wanna see more designs? Wonder how to get your own "customized" design? Wanna know more about this "mystery" designer? All these questions will be answered soon! So keep visiting Just a Bunch of Thoughts to find out more! :)


Disclaimer: The Pink layout is NOT designed by the mystery designer, just the picture. The pink template is one of the free templates provided by Blogger.


  1. it's interesting that there's a whole bunch of forms of creating media there- the ink, the disc, the typewriter... it sort of looks like the setup of a detective novel...

  2. That is so interesting what u said! hahaha
    A detective novel, eh? did u get that becuz of Agatha Christie? hee hee

    now im so eager to read what others think!!!

    hahaha love it!

    btw, that is not a typewriter, its a laptop :)

  3. hi there
    too bad i can not five any opinion for ur new layout..i have no idea of what it was before..but i like this one, it reflects the idea of u being a writer, journalist!!!
    good luck

  4. Hello Broken String,
    welcome to Just a Bunch of Thoughts :)




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