Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharona is Back!

Any Monk fans out there? :D

Cast of Monk

If you love Monk & have been watching since season 1, you'd remember the first assistant Monk had, Sharona. Later in the seasons, Sharona left & Monk had to find a new assistant, Natalie, who's been assisting him ever since. When Sharona left, all of a sudden, I was so upset! I wished she'd be back one day.

& now she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Friday!!

Check out promo video on Monk's facebook page or visit the official website for more information.
& if your're living overseas (like me!), u can watch new episodes of Monk (for free!) on casttv.com

Even though I'm sad Monk is going to be over soon, I'm so happy that Sharona is back!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey I liked Natalie but Sharona rocked! She was the best with Monk, she is natural! Ya made me happy :p now which season is this?



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