Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Still Miss You


By: Just a Bunch of Thoughts

Fifty one years ago, a little baby was born
Never knowing his life would soon be torn

He lived a short, yet full life
But most of it was full of strife

He grew up in an abusive environment
No one could hear him, or help treat his ailment

He called out for help repeatedly
But people rarely listen carefully

The pain became greater with time
Leaving scars that will last a lifetime

People are too busy looking at the outside
Very few cared to look at the inside

Even with the love of millions
He could not climb up the canyons

His gift was a way to escape
Drowning in a sea of innocence, where he will not be raped

When surrounded with pure love, he laughed & giggled
Animals & children were pure loves he cradled

Despite all that negativity, he continued to search for love
And three little children were sent form above

They helped give him the love & joy he so longed for
But sadly, he had to leave the shore

Leaving them & us all in endless tears
Still in denial yet accepting the spears

His time has come & we must not object
C'est la vie; we rather reflect

For forever he shall remain alive in our hearts
His legacy will go on forever & never parts


We Love You MJ

May You Rest In Peace


P.S: I have promised to post another part for this post, so this should be it I guess.

Note: No one is allowed to copy & paste any line of this poem without prior permission from me. If you like the poem & would like to share it with others, you can copy the link to this post but not the poem itself. All rights reserved to Just a Bunch Of Thoughts.


  1. eshda3wa:

    thank u my dear, i highly appreciate ur opinion :)

  2. Woman Apollo:

    first, thnx for stopping by, my dear! highly appreciate ur comment :)
    second, if u cried, then i did my job right. (i mean, u liked it.) im sorry if i caused u more pain. but what can we say, c'eat la vie. im thinking of giving the poem this title, c'est la vie. what d'ya think?

  3. Legend never dies

  4. sure his legacy will always remain. i never cared about who he was or what he did. he was a lost soul & that's why i cared about him, & now that he's gone, i still care about & miss him.

    thnx Jako for stopping by & commenting :)

  5. This is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I love you michael :(

  6. Hey Kiara, welcome to Just a Bunch of Thoughts :)
    Thnx, dear, i highly appreciate your comment.
    I love MJ too. Miss him. Wish him peace wherever he is.



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