Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet Sophie Kinsella Tomorrow!

Are you a fan of 'the' Sophie Kinsella? Then you get a chance to meet her tomorrow!!!

This is a what Sophie has written about the invitation on facebook:

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2009.

"You are invited!

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that on Wednesday, September 9th, I will join Barnes & Noble to take part in a one-day Q&A event on Facebook, and I am inviting all of you!

Starting at 11:00am EST, which is 4:00pm my time, I will respond to your questions about my books, and pretty much anything you've been wanting to know. You can RSVP for the event here —and don't forget to invite your friends!

Please note: The event will take place in a separate discussion board on September 9th. You must click through to this link to participate in the discussion on that day:


So hurry up Sophie Kinsella fans!!! RSVP to the event now before it's too late! The event will start from 6:00 pm till oo:oo am KWT.

I'm sooooo HAPPY! I have only dreamed about this. This is the closest for me to meet her in person! And now that I got a chance to actually 'interact' with one of my TOP fave writers, I really don't know what to say or ask her! LOL

But I can't wait!

I wish I get to really talk with her! Pray for me! hee hee


If you are a fan of hers, what would u say to her? What would u ask her about? (I still don't know as I mentioned above).
What are your fave SK's? I loved all the ones I read so far, but the ones I re-read more than once are Can you Keep a Secret, Shopaholic & Sister, & The Undomestic Goddess. Bunch of hilarious laughes! hee hee
I can't wait to read the rest! Esp, Remember Me (which I have bought & poor dear is begging me to find time to read it! hee hee), & Twenties Girl which sounds so charmingly new! Can't wait to get it!

So, feel free to share your thoughts with me (& Sophie, in case she pops in here! :D )


For those of you who might not be too familiar with the name of Sophie Kinsella, remember The Confessions of a Shopaholic movie? Well, she's the writer of the novel of the movie adaptation :)

This pic is a special dedication for u 6amoo7a ;)
but let's see, whether u get it or not? lol :P




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