Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anyone done with Eid-shopping, yet?

Here goes the first week, & it’s almost mid Ramadan. That means Eid is really just around the corner, & I still haven’t got anything to wear for it!

I hate it when I get so behind! For the past few years, I’ve had it a lot easier & got pretty much done way a head, so I was pretty much relaxed during this holy month. But this year I got so jammed up all through out the summer, I couldn’t find time to shop early.

I couldn’t wait to be done with the summer semester just so that I could find time to relax & get to do all those stuff-to-dos I’ve been delaying since God knows when! But again, I couldn’t find the time to shop (or get done with all those stuff-to-dos) before Ramadan comes. So this year, I’m bound to shop during this month!

For those who don’t know this about me, I hate shopping for specific occasions! But I really “HATE” it when I have to do it during Ramadan! The perfect timing for me to shop is from the afternoon till evening. In Ramadan, the shops are closed during that time! So, if I have to go shopping, I have to do after Futoor, & you know how we usually feel after Futoor! lol its just too much! & don’t get me started on the mornings! Oh, no, I would NEVER go out in the morning! This is the only time I could sleep in! So, there’s no way, what sooooo ever!

So, yeah, the late nights are my only chance.

But the timing isn’t really my biggest problem when it comes to shopping. Besides that comes the mood! When I’m in the right mood for shopping, I wouldn’t mind anything! But I’m just moody, what can I do? & besides my cold (more like lazy) mood for shopping, comes my biggest annoying shopping problem ever: my difficult, picky taste. My mom had said it too many times, “You’re just too difficult!”. She’s right! I am! I don’t like to have just ‘anything’! Everything should be ‘P.E.R.F.E.C.T’!! So, calling me a ‘perfectionist’, mom, would be more suitable, don’t you think? :P (no, I can still be difficult :P)

So, there you go, it’s true, being a perfectionist is great & has its benefits, but it’s also draining & puts a lot of pressure on you! Especially if you are surrounded by a perfectionist environment where you shouldn’t be any less ‘cool’ or you’ll be ‘out’! I totally hate that by the way. I tend to have a ‘simple’ yet ‘cool’ kind of style for almost every occasion I go to. I hate all the fuss & too sophisticated outfits that could be so uncomfortable both for body & eyes!!! Comfort is a priority for me. So is style. That’s why I tend to take so much time shopping searching for the ‘right’ clothing that would feel comfortable & fashionable at the same time.


So too to keep with the fast pace of the month, I went last Sunday to the charity fair in Qurtuba, & I found some cool stuff but I wasn’t too keen on anything, (picky me!). But I couldn’t really see, cuz it was sooo humid, I really felt sooo tired right away, I just couldn’t think straight & just wanted out so quickly. If it wasn’t for my sister agreeing to take me there I might have not gone there & seized the moment cuz I wasn’t really in the mood, (moody me!) for any kind of shopping, let alone fair-shopping!

I still am not pretty much in the mood. But I have to visit as much fairs as I could, cuz after all, the normal shops at the malls must have fall/winter clothes displayed already.

I wish I get done with it already!


P. S: If anyone of you knows any fair that is really awesome, & that is either already open or will be opening soon, feel free to add it in the comments, plz.

Reviews will highly appreciated!

Thnx :)


Picture courtesy: Fortune Cookie Boutique.


  1. wow... i don't really like shopping either. at ANY time though... if you go after futoor though, then you would walk it all off... did you find anything in your experience yet?

  2. lol, yeah, i know! but sometimes, its not bad esp when u have money to spend & the mood is right & everything is nice & u dont bother getting specific things. its the 'specific-stuff-to-buy' that make me have headaches! >.<
    plus, it depends on the kind of products ur getting. to me shopping for books is never boring!!!
    yes, shopping after meals can help walk them off! hee hee

    no, not yet. i was thinking of going shopping tonight, if i had some energy left, but right now im soooo tired & dont feel like going out at all! my legs are killing me...& i wanna sleep early tonight...
    shopping has to wait till God says so!

  3. you reminded *_* ... i got the same symptoms for shopping (sometimes :s)

    anywho these links of fair could help inshalla:

    thanks :)

  4. yeah shopping can be frustrating sometimes! >.<

    thank u very much for those links dear, i really appreciate it, & thnx for passing by :)

  5. I went to Fortune Cookie (the shop featured in the pic) Today! wow, it was so classy & cute! ( the hangers in the pic looked a lot cuter in reality!) i LOVED it. i found a lot of cute stuff, but sadly most of the ones i liked were more suitable for Ramadan, not Eid. plus, most of them are over the budget.

    never mind, i got another dress from an other boutique that it was also cool & didnt wreck the budget a lot :P

    now, i just need to find accessories for it -__-''



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