Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy Hair to Wear!!!

Talk about EXTREME!

Way, 3ad mo chithy! (Gives me the creeps). However, 'eww-ness' & 'yucky-ness' aside; you can't deny the creativity!!! Really amazing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amazing Fire Illusion video

Beautiful! Just beautiful! :D

Cool! hee hee

There are lots of other amazing videos of the like too, you can check 'em out on youtube.


Btw, please check out an older post from my drafts folder (that I kinda have forgotten about; it's about the release of "This is it" here in Kuwait), you can check it out here.

No Answer




No Answer.




No Answer.

That's the way it's been for over a month now. I keep calling, & calling & I wouldn't get answer. It's totally getting on my nerves.

Wanna know what I'm talking about? Well, stay tuned for the whole details in future post.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Event: GojiBoutique Exhibition

Last time I went to a gojiboutique expo, I had fun! I loved their collection & the ladies behind this online shop are friendly with class! I got me a cute dress with free shoes! You wanna know what's fun about that? The shoes cost like 130+ KD!!! I couldn't believe it! lol

Don't know what will happen this time, or if I will go (I'm kinda broke), plus I really dont need a lot of new stuff... But we'll see ^^



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event: Celebrate Earth Day Today

BPW- S.O.S committee would like to invite you to their celebration for EARTH DAY today Thursday 22- April 2010 at 6:30-8:30 pm at the KES (Kuwait Economic Society)

For any inquiries please call Miss Zainab Khadadah KES on 24847979 - 24847946

or Mobile : 55800506

RSVP to the event's Facebook here


Here are some Earth Day pictures for you to enjoy ;)

Hahaha this one is funny!

Wow, these are humongous pair of hands!!!
(Or maybe it's just a tiny Earth...)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Green Art

A drawing by a six year-old
Totally beautiful!!!

  • All pictures (except for those of the local event), were taken from an Earth Day Facebook page entitled Earth Day Network, all rights reserved to their respected owners.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Mexico Missing Cat Found in Chicago

Wayward NM Cat Has Free Flight Home From Chicago

Just saw this on TV & now saw it online; interesting cat story. Oh, how I love cat & animal stories! This cat got lost, traveled 1,300 miles, & had to take 8 months before he was finally found & rescued!

Read full story here.

Awwwww, isn't it just "Cute"!!!!! I'm so happy he's safe & finally going home! God bless all cats & animals....


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down Came the "Dusty" Rain!!!

Have you observed the latest Sarraya* just an hour or two ago? Omg, it was amazing! I normally would hate the rain, but as long as I'm dry in & don't have anywhere to go, I don't have a problem with it. I actually love watching it from the window. So today, when it ran, I couldn't help but observe the whole thing & even document it!

I was widely awake sitting on my computer when the sun was just rising, & it was getting lighter & lighter as any other morning. But then I noticed that it wasn't sunny. It was cloudy. I didn't really bother, & got back to my computer. Then just a little while later, I turned my head towards the window & to my horror, suddenly it got so dark outside!!! I had to double-blink to conceive it! Then it got even darker & darker! I swear, I just turned my head back to the screen for a minute & it totally shifted to the darkest!

Immediately, I started snapping & taking videos right away; it was a fun experience not to be missed!

At first, it got dark & windy, as I said, then as I was taking pictures & videos, it started raining gently. I didn't mind it in the beginning, but then I had to close the window because I feard for my camera to get damaged or something. I also noticed that my sleeves were getting little splashes & in case you didn't know, I hate to get wet, so it was time to shut the window.

Just notice how quickly the colors dramatically changed!!
There was no significant time difference between the two shots; just 2 to 3 minutes!!

My poor baby, got dusty-rained!

My poor camera got dusty-rained! loool Thankfully, the lens didn't get soaked (much). As I cleaned up the camera, I noticed that the rain has increased. I went to the window & by then opening it wasn't a wise option. The rain was falling right onto my direction, & it just kept falling harder & harder, & to the point that it hailed!! Little hail, though, but it was fun still! There was a little bit of lightning too, but very little. I don't remember hearing any thunder, just the wind blowing & birds singing in the background. (I don't remember hearing their sounds at the time of the event, but when I watched the videos I took, I could hear them chirping. It was amazing!!!)

See how dusty the rain was!

At some point there was no signal from the satellite

But it seems that I'm the only one who was greatly enjoying this. From what I've read from some of my Facebook friends, their experiences wasn't as light & friendly as mine! However, I hope it was fun for the rest of people & most importantly, safe for those who were outside, especially the ones who were diving or travelling. I read that people were stuck at the airport. Hope they're safe now.

That's when it was raining the heaviest.
(it wasn't that dark in reality; that's because I was using flash)

After the storm...

The "hosh" ** looked so funny, as it always does after every sand storm with torn out leaves & muddy dust everywhere. lol I went to the front door to document the experience from another angle, & to my happiness, I found my older brother, his wife & my youngest nephew enjoying the observation of the Sarraya. My brother & nephew were wet, as they did go into the rain a little while ago. Then they did again as I asked them again & filmed the whole thing. It was a lot of fun!

Dusty & muddy floors; typical thing after every sand storm...

Dried out dust on the window pane... or whatever they call that thing.

Clouds cluttering the sky beautifully...

Well, its sunny now. With a lot of scattered clouds, but the sun keeps coming in & out. I could still smell the beautiful smell of dust-mixed-with-rain. It's the best smell ever! I totally am in love with it. Ahhh, its sooo beautiful!!! I really wish it could be bottled up so that I could indulge in whenever I feel like it. Mmmm....! Or I could just water-spray a little dusty area. That will work too.

And then the sun came out... & it felt like a real morning.

So that was my experience with today's Sarraya; a lot of fun as you can see! How was yours??? ;D


*The Sarrayat: Is a seasonal rain storm period, where heavy but fast rainfalls would shower violently & sweep & flood everything.

** Hosh: Kuwaiti word meaning "Yard"


Apparently, there's going to be another sand storm tomorrow morning, April 18, so guys be prepared.
(al7een kil wa7id marathiya! ;P)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Is It Released in Kuwait

I went to Virgin Mega store today, & my eyes couldn't help but fall on this...

(picture to be added later after permission from Virgin: It's a picture of DVDs of "This is it")

I was like, oh.. God... This is It.. oh, yeah... its about time...

I instantly wanted to take photos (as an update to my MJ related posts; I've initially taken some other pics months ago about MJ related merchandise & stuff like that, but still haven't posted any of it...), so I knew I had to take some pics. But first I had to get done with what I went there for, which is to have my laptop fixed (It wouldn't type in Arabic) & check my stupid aka too smart Nokia phone...etc) before I'm fully prepared & mind-free, I mean MJ-Mind-focused to take the pics.

The guy in there couldn't fix my Nokia, so I had to go to the Nokia shop at Marina Thank God it's on the same mall.
So after I was done, I went back to Virgin, & just as if they knew what I was about to be doing, they were playing MJ music all over the place...

For the first time in a long time now, I wished they'd just stop. I just felt like, "Oh, God... They're playing him now... Great. Just great..."

For those of you who know a little about me; you might be surprised as to why am I saying this right? I mean, you know I love MJ, so why would I not wanna listen to his music? Well, I've been having these thoughts I had back in June (& the few following months prior to the release of "This is it" on cinema), & during that time, I wasn't feeling well at all. I made sure I stay away from any music of his; 'cause it was just unbearable.

Anyways, so I've been having these thoughts & feelings back lately, so listening to him wasn't a good thing to me today...
Anyways, let's not get too much into that right now, 'cause that's not really the issue here; so back to This is it.

I asked them when exactly it was released here& they really wouldn't give me an exact date; one said April first, but another confirmed it was around April 10. I'm leaning towards the later. So this is it's first week, & it's made number two & number five (the special edition one making number two) at the charts.

I loved this movie, but right now, I don't know if I can watch it anymore...
I don't know if I will ever watch/listen to anything MJ anymore...



P.S: This post is far from finished, so stay tuned for the pics I took; I'm still waiting for the publishing permission first.

P.S 2: There's a special "This is It" post I've been laying down around for soooo long now, I should be posting it soon, if I forgot, remind me, OK!

Last updated: April 25, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kuwait Hands: Home-based Businesses Targeted

If you are a home-based owner or merely a customer, check out this newly founded Kuwaiti site I just stumbled upon, called "Kuwait Hands". It opens the door for home-based business owners to promote & market their hand-made products on the site & promises to showcase their products to larger customers with the lowest costs.
For more information, click here.

Note: The site is offering FREE registrations for LIMITED time only, so those who are interested hurry up :)

Picture credit: Kuwait Hands

Job Offer at AlOthman Fashion Company

For all of fashionistas/os out there, AlOthman is looking for an intern; are you up for it?

Check out their internship requirements & you qualify, you might be picked! ^^

Good luck! ^^



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