Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down Came the "Dusty" Rain!!!

Have you observed the latest Sarraya* just an hour or two ago? Omg, it was amazing! I normally would hate the rain, but as long as I'm dry in & don't have anywhere to go, I don't have a problem with it. I actually love watching it from the window. So today, when it ran, I couldn't help but observe the whole thing & even document it!

I was widely awake sitting on my computer when the sun was just rising, & it was getting lighter & lighter as any other morning. But then I noticed that it wasn't sunny. It was cloudy. I didn't really bother, & got back to my computer. Then just a little while later, I turned my head towards the window & to my horror, suddenly it got so dark outside!!! I had to double-blink to conceive it! Then it got even darker & darker! I swear, I just turned my head back to the screen for a minute & it totally shifted to the darkest!

Immediately, I started snapping & taking videos right away; it was a fun experience not to be missed!

At first, it got dark & windy, as I said, then as I was taking pictures & videos, it started raining gently. I didn't mind it in the beginning, but then I had to close the window because I feard for my camera to get damaged or something. I also noticed that my sleeves were getting little splashes & in case you didn't know, I hate to get wet, so it was time to shut the window.

Just notice how quickly the colors dramatically changed!!
There was no significant time difference between the two shots; just 2 to 3 minutes!!

My poor baby, got dusty-rained!

My poor camera got dusty-rained! loool Thankfully, the lens didn't get soaked (much). As I cleaned up the camera, I noticed that the rain has increased. I went to the window & by then opening it wasn't a wise option. The rain was falling right onto my direction, & it just kept falling harder & harder, & to the point that it hailed!! Little hail, though, but it was fun still! There was a little bit of lightning too, but very little. I don't remember hearing any thunder, just the wind blowing & birds singing in the background. (I don't remember hearing their sounds at the time of the event, but when I watched the videos I took, I could hear them chirping. It was amazing!!!)

See how dusty the rain was!

At some point there was no signal from the satellite

But it seems that I'm the only one who was greatly enjoying this. From what I've read from some of my Facebook friends, their experiences wasn't as light & friendly as mine! However, I hope it was fun for the rest of people & most importantly, safe for those who were outside, especially the ones who were diving or travelling. I read that people were stuck at the airport. Hope they're safe now.

That's when it was raining the heaviest.
(it wasn't that dark in reality; that's because I was using flash)

After the storm...

The "hosh" ** looked so funny, as it always does after every sand storm with torn out leaves & muddy dust everywhere. lol I went to the front door to document the experience from another angle, & to my happiness, I found my older brother, his wife & my youngest nephew enjoying the observation of the Sarraya. My brother & nephew were wet, as they did go into the rain a little while ago. Then they did again as I asked them again & filmed the whole thing. It was a lot of fun!

Dusty & muddy floors; typical thing after every sand storm...

Dried out dust on the window pane... or whatever they call that thing.

Clouds cluttering the sky beautifully...

Well, its sunny now. With a lot of scattered clouds, but the sun keeps coming in & out. I could still smell the beautiful smell of dust-mixed-with-rain. It's the best smell ever! I totally am in love with it. Ahhh, its sooo beautiful!!! I really wish it could be bottled up so that I could indulge in whenever I feel like it. Mmmm....! Or I could just water-spray a little dusty area. That will work too.

And then the sun came out... & it felt like a real morning.

So that was my experience with today's Sarraya; a lot of fun as you can see! How was yours??? ;D


*The Sarrayat: Is a seasonal rain storm period, where heavy but fast rainfalls would shower violently & sweep & flood everything.

** Hosh: Kuwaiti word meaning "Yard"


Apparently, there's going to be another sand storm tomorrow morning, April 18, so guys be prepared.
(al7een kil wa7id marathiya! ;P)



  1. Oh boy lol what about mine!I had to redecorate my room after it! The water came flooding like tap water!

  2. Omg! You're not the only one who's had a similar tragedy! I'm beginning to question what kind of windows you have? How could rain penetrate through them, I wish you'd tell me! Do they have holes in the aluminum or what??? Cuz thats the only possibility I could think of...


    Anyhow, I'm sorry for your upsetting experience; hope the damage wasn't that great? :/

  3. Great post,
    i actually had the same experience, i really enjoy it :)))
    it was beautifully violent.

  4. Wow! I can't believe I missed it lol.
    Nice pics too o.o

  5. Oh, make sure not to miss it when it comes next time! hee hee
    I'm glad I took some pics to show you guys who have missed it ;)

    & thnx for stopping by anonymous; wish if you introduced yourself ^^

  6. Om my I just saw your comment Dico, pardon me!

    Oh, great! Finally! I thought I was the only one! hee hee
    But, I really didn't consider it that violent, to be honest. It just was sudden & intense to me. But I was smiling through the whole thing! lol

    Thanks for stopping by Dico, come again ;)

  7. You actually explained the wholeeeee scene, was great...I soooo wished i could go out but my dad stopped me :(
    I took few photos but totally forgot to video bad...but yeah that morning was one of its kind..I was sooo enjoying it thinking at the same time that world's gonna end :D

  8. توه كان مطر وبردي


  9. Hi Sana!

    Thnx! I just reported what I experienced only! ^^
    Hee hee you're not the only one who considered that possibility! As for me, though, I was too busy enjoying the whole thing; the end of the world didn't cross my mind at all. I wasn't scared at all!


    Ahlain Chay!

    I slept in this morning so if there was anything, I missed it. (I doubt there was any here; I didnt hear anything. Or maybe I was just too busy sleeping! lol I shall ask my family)

    & salamt dear! Read that you were sick! Get well soon, my dear! ^^

  10. & to Sana:

    Don't know if this is your first visit; but welcome to the blog! ^^

  11. I was quiet excited about it and enjoying it and for some reason my friends on facebook thought I must be high on something as mos to of them were scared :)

  12. Hey Amu!

    hee hee im glad I found someone else who's on the same page! Yeah, a lot of my FB/blogger friends thought it was scary too ;P
    I don't usually like the rain, but since I don't have to go out & I'm dry, it's cool! loool

    Thnx, Amu for passing by! Keep visiting!

    (btw, for some reason, I feel like I know u from somewhere... Are u interested in Japanese/Korean culture & languages?)

  13. Oh, naah, turned out I dont know u. lol just tashabuh asma2! hee hee

    cool blog u have, Amu! I just read your post about "cravings", dont we all have them from time to time? lol Hope u get over yours soon ^^

  14. Hey... you got a pretty nice blog too..well you are writer has to be nice ;)

    mmmm ya maybe we met on the moon while i was doing some space diving :p

    Thanks for leaving your comments on my post 'cravings' I still cant get over them and I am scared I am getting a tummy @@ ... I will try your tips and the next post will be on that ;) keep visiting...

  15. Thnx, Amu, I'm humbled ^^

    yeah, maybe! (lol shm3na space diving! hee hee) Oh, how I'd looove to try that! Diving next to the moon & observing the blue planet.. Aahhh what a beautiful dream!

    No problem! Hope my tips work with you! & about the tummy, hope it goes away along with cravings! hee hee Maybe you should try exercising too.

    & I shall keep visiting in sha Allah :)



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