Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you are one of my friends on facebook, you might have passed by my crazy sudden football dedicated 'statuses' just now! hee hee

I've been sitting in the living room all day, not really watching TV, but kinda listening, you know! When the game started. I wasn't really interested in the beginning, as I'm not a football fan, but little by little we got attracted my mom & I! hee hee yeah, even mom was watching! But we're like just cheering for the Kuwaiti team, you know, & mom is like, what does that mean (some football terms), & I'm like, dont ask me! Ask my brother (he's the real & only football fan in the house)! She goes like, I'm pretty sure he's watching now! (I guess he was!)

Almost two hours passed & I watched the whole thing! (well, of course, my eyes weren't glued to the screen as I was on the net really), but every time the commenter screams my heart jumps & I quickly look up at the TV! hee hee
I yelled, screamed (maybe even cursed?? Don't remember! hee hee), cheered.. everything! & of course, kept updating my facebook status every now & then! hee hee

Thought I'd share some (well most!) with you non-facebook friends:

"First goal for Australia!!! COME ON!!! BLUE SQUASH 'EM!!!! >0<"

" What the!!! a second for the Aussies!!!"

"HEEEEYAAAA!!!!!!! GOAL FOR KUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"

"hamad Alenizi!!! GO!! HAMAD!!!!!!!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GOAL!!!!!!!" (lol I have no idea who that dude is or how he looks like even! lol XD!)

"Better than the Aussies's goals!! heeyaaa! GO BLUE! GOOOO! GOOO! GOOOOOO!!!!!"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

"LOOOL our parrot just flinched from my disappointment 'loud' clap! hee hee"

"COME ON!!! its 86 mins!!! WE WANNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So you see? LOL It's really funny! I haven't watched football in YEARS! Let alone cheer for it!!! Hahaha!

I didnt even watch the most anticipated Kazma vs. Barcelona one last month! I mean, I'm not a football fan as I said! (but I really wanted to watch that one lol)!

But sometimes you get to do things out of the ordinary! And it feels like an adventure!
New territories! New Grounds! & it feels fun!!!

No, I'm still NOT converting! LOL

It's just my love for Kuwait that led me to stay tuned & cheer. It's my support to my team that makes me wanna scream of happiness whenever they achieve successful (& BEAUTIFUL!!) goals! It's my optimism for a better Kuwaiti team (& sport in general). It's my forever support for the heart of Kuwait that will never die no matter how much obstacles are on the way.

To all the disappointed audience, to all the pessimists out there, to all the fearful souls that have no faith (or lack of it), I say, I'm NOT one of you.

& I never wanna be.

& Never Will Be.

& I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Who's with me??? :)


Go Yal Azrag!!! GO! GO! GOOOO!!!

Special Dedication to all the lovers of Kuwait ;)

Don't you miss the old golden days?

You Can HAVE it BACK!



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  1. كنت حدي متحمسه وقاعده اشجع واصرخ هههههههههههه

    بعدين يوونه ناس فامي قالت لي مابي اسمع حسج

    وتميت طول المده سايلنت بس تعابير ههههه

  2. hee hee lool mskeena!

    ana 3ad ommy ra7at wo 5alatny broo7y bs laman giltlha inna yibna gollain galat shiftay shlon! hee hee

    so, chi, are u a football fan in general willa zy 7alaty? fj2a thibeen wo 7ddich malich shi3i'l? :P lol

  3. السلام..

    عيل انا عكسكم امس سمعت امي تسال اخوي عن النتيجة وقالوا تعادل ..

    ماحب اشوف المباريات وخاصة مالت المنتخب..


  4. تقريبا أشاركك.. أنا لستث من محبي كرة القدم ولكن أشجع بعض الأندية نوع من (المداحرة) لأخوتي في المنزل .. وأحيانا كـ طريقة جديدة لاستفزازهم في حال فوز الفريق الذي أشجّعه...

    مدونة جميلة .. كان دليلي إليها الصورة الرمزية (أنا أحب الكتابة) .. أدعو لكِ بمزيد من الألق الكتابي.. : )

    دمتِ لمن تحبي


  5. Ruru:

    wa3alikum essalam!

    ee 7atan ana ma7ibha, bs 3arrat ;P
    bs, daiman ashaji3 elmunta5ab! ;)


    Ahlan wasahlan! welcome to Just a Bunch of Thoughts ;)

    mshkoorah 7beebty, 3ad ams ga3da agool a3'ayerha? b3dain gilt la2, hathy malazim tit3'ayer! hee hee

    6allait 3ala mudawantich wo ma sha Allah 7ilwa, wo a7la shy 3ajabny feeha istikhdamich lillugha el3arabyia eljameelh, hatha shy tushkareen 3alaih :)

  6. الصورة الرمزية تخبرنا عن صاحبها أحيانا..

    هل تجدين صعوبة في الكتابة باللغة العربية الفصجى؟

  7. You have to be careful when watching football. Back in 2006 I just watched football and then few months later I was totally gone. I can't live without it now.
    Also anything about the Arsenal is "US" now.How we play and how match ends affects on my mood too. Today I'm really happy. Cesc scored beautiful goal today and so did Fran Merida. I really hope both will stay with us. Tomas Rosicky played good the time he was there (he still isn't at his best).
    I hope this won't happen to you (or then that will be most what we talk about).

  8. رومية:

    نعم ، أتفق معك في ذلك ;)

    في الحقيقة ، ليس تماماً :)
    قد يتبادر للبعض انني قد أواجه صعوبة في الكتابة باللغة العربية و ذلك لاختياري الكتابة بالإنجليزية ، و ولا أخفيك ، فأنا حقاً أقوى في التعبير بالانجليزية ... و لكن ليس هذا السبب الوحيد لاختياري الإنجليزية ...كلغة أساسية للكتابة هنا...

    لقد عزمت التعمق أكثر في هذا الموضوع ، لهذا فقد قررت أن أخصص له "بوست" خاص في المستقبل...

    تابعينا ;)


    ها ، شرايج بالفصحى مالتي؟؟؟

  9. worldofsaga:

    Oh, I really doubt I'm gonna get really hooked... I mean, I really hope not!!! I've got enough obsessions on my hands; don't wanna add up more to the pressure! hee hee XD

    But if I did, yeah we'd have more in common! lol



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