Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(UPDATE): Google Congratulates: "Happy National Day!"

When I opened Google today, I saw this:


I wondered what is going on.. I was like, Jan 26 is not a special occasion... Are they celebrating 'Hala February' or something? But even that doesn't start until two more days... so I moved my mouse on it & I just got this unexpected funny message!

& It's just as funny in Arabic! hee hee

Hahahaha! Celebrate people! According to google.com.kw, we should be celebrating the national day today!!! hee hee



I guess they realized the mistake; it's back to normal normal...

last updated: Jan 26,2010 - 6:38 pm


  1. el3afoo chy! :D

    i was expecting this (& waiting for it) but not today essara7a! hee hee
    its so funny! xD

  2. وآنا بعد لاحظت هالشيئ ..استغربت !
    يجوز متابعين القناة الأولى .. شافوا النقل ورفع الأمير العلم على بالهم العيد الوطني.. :P

    صراحة بنش.. شكلج قاعده لـ قوقل قعده .. تشتغلين بابارازي ....

    دمتِ لمن تحبي

  3. yeah, maybe they thought the national day is today or celebrations start today...

    loool, la wallah, la paparazzi wala shy, but i should be doing my job! ;D

    thnx hun, see ya soon ^^



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