Wednesday, November 11, 2009

THIS IS IT: Running For One More Week

They're extending the movie :)

I just called Cinescape & they said that 'This Is It', will still be showing for the next week, so all of you who have missed it, you still got a chance :)

Again, let me remind you, if you would like to go see it, & enjoy the most of it, watch it on IMAX.

Only on IMAX!


& Don;t forget to tell us what you think!


Update: I'm sorry to inform you that 'This is It' will NOT be shown on IMAX anymore....
I just checked their new IMAX-less schedule...


  1. im the only one i know who hasnt seen it

    i should go soon

  2. thx for the info.
    last week i was planning to book online for the imax.
    i was shocked that they made the back seats for family and the front section for singles.
    i got so furious. they always leave the worst seats for singles.
    i even called them. i told them what if my wife doesnt wanna go ? i dont wanna sit in the front .. they said they will convey my remark to the admins.
    im waiting for their reply.

  3. eshda3wa:
    lol 3ad i thought u'd be the first to see it! hee hee

    your welcome. yes, i agree with you on that bachelor stuff. its not fair at all. the best seats are the ones at the back. even waaay back (the last row), esp on IMAX, cuz the screen is sooo wide u have to really go way back to get the best experience.
    you should totally call them again. they really should do smth about it. the IMAX theater is HUGE, they can at least let bachelors sit at the sides.
    dont u have any female relative to go with? what about children? do they allow dads with children (but no moms) to sit in the family section? i havent thought of that before...
    anyways, that doesnt matter anymore; sadly i just looked at the new schedule for this week, & 'This is It' will NOT be played on IMAX. it will be just on the regular theaters.

    i wish they had at least one or two shows on IMAX! i might feel like seeing the movie for on the last day (for the last time), but if its not gonna be on IMAX, i dont think im going...

    Still, dont let this bother u. do what u like :)

  4. 7asafa knt 3la asas aro7 lh m3a my frnds bs elmidterms shagna :s

  5. u still can go. it running till Wed. But no IMAX 7asafa :(



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