Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eidkom Mbarak :)

I just wanna wish all Muslims around the world a blessed Eid Fitr!

Taqabalah Allah ta'atkom, wo kul aam wontow b'khair! :)

Today was an awesome day! May Allah bless us all with so many Eids to come, ya rab! & may we all be joyous & happy all round year! Say Ameen!

Love you, & wishing you a happy Eid :)


This song is SOOOOO Eid-like!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I hear it, I instantly feel like Eid!

Dedication to all :)

*Song name: Al-eid Hal Hlalah (The cresent of Eid has shown/appeared), by "Mahmood Al-Kuwaiti".


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