Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Eid...

How was evertone's Eid? I hope you all had a wonderful time!

The Eid vacation is still on! So, take full advantage of it! lol

So, how is your Eid like? Mine is pretty traditional...

On the first day, we'd go to my father's side of the family. Meet & greet at my uncle's & stay there all day. Sometimes, I'd go to visit my sister's in laws at night, or go out to dinner with my cousins.
On the second day of Eid, it's my mother's side of the family's turn. We'd gather up at my uncle's & have lunch & stay till evening just like with my other uncle on the first day.
On the third day, we don't go to visit anyone, but usually my sis & uncle would visit us.

So, our Eid is pretty traditional, as I mentioned earlier. But I love it more when things change & we go out to a restaurant or hit the malls or do whatever differently. It's nice to have a change every once in a while. But usually, we'd do these things after Eid... (you, know how CROWDED! places can be during Eid!)

So this is pretty much what my Eid is all about.

So, how is yours??



  1. hey there :p
    it's my first time in ur lovely blog
    which i love it :D

    O have fun
    IF u want 2 know about mY 3eed this year check mY blog :p

  2. welcome, my dear :)

    thank u! i really appreciate ur sweet comment & Eid wishes; i had fun too, thnx! :)
    i just discovered ur blog, & read that amusing Eid post, which i really enjoyed reading :)

    & i shall read more of your posts from now on :)

  3. dear, Faith:

    i just tried to comment on another post of urs but for some reason it wasnt an easy task. for some reason, i wasnt able to have it published. i wasnt able to type even one word! lol
    anyways, i hope its just a temporary thing...
    cuz u got some lovely blog there :D



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