Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weddings ... Gotta see the Bride!!

My best friend got married today!

Oh, you know, I hate the preparations for any social event. You have to pick up a dress, choose the right hairdo, make up ... Oooh! It just too much!

Even though I have slept about 8 hrs yesterday, which believe me is incredible! I'm exhausted! I had to take a shower, do my hands & legs, do my hair, get dressed, do my make up, then go to the salon to do the real hands, legs, & hair doing, then go back home to pick mom & get the last finishing touch, which believe me does not exist! All the way to the event you're constantly re-doing & re-checking everything!!!

All this bitching does not come close to what the bride has been through!

I could only imagine ...

You know, I am a girl, but I really don't like all these girly things! Sure I love to see myself all pampered & dolled up in the end, But it's really exhausting. Thank God, I only have to do it every once & a while!

But I could never tolerate doing these things every single day! I really don;t know how some people do it! I mean, you can see girls nowadays wearing the best at all times. Even in the morning! their hair is all puffed up as if they're going to a wedding, but no! They're going to the dentist, or to school, or to college ... etc. How do they do it? Or the most appropriate question would be, Why? We barely get out of bed everyday, & those are getting up way early in the morning just to do their hair?!!!!!!!

Some people!

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