Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If only I had a Little more Faith in Myself!

OK, I still don't have enough faith in myself ...

I had my Arabic grammar quiz ...

& I was bad!!!!

The exam was not that hard, that's why I hated what I've accomplished! I know I have messed up big times, I can picture what grade I would get ... Out of 15, I might get 10 ... & I'm being generous!

You might wonder why am I fussing about an Arabic grammar quiz? Everybody, & nobody gets full grades (except for the profs & the cheaters), but the thing is I really enjoy grammar ... I was good at it back in school ... I was good ...

But that was years ago, I have forgotten all about it! Plus, what they were teaching us, & the way they taught us, is no where near what I'm experiencing now!

But let's get back to the "Faith" thing. There were 3 questions in particular that got me all confused. Is it this? Or that? Hesitation ... That's one of my biggest unpleasant traits, I shall admit. Anyways, I couldn't figure out the answers, & time was running out. Then the teacher, had to take the papers, & I reluctantly handed in mine.

Discussions, girls chatting & bickering about the quiz, were the typical things to happen next. I wasn't sure about my answers, especially the ones I haven't jotted down! So, when nobody gave me a reassuring answer, I decided to go ask the Prof, myself. So, I went, & did.

I wish I didn't. Every little answer that I didn't write down (because of HESITATION!), turned out to be right!

I was right. I was right all along!

If only i had written them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stormed out of the university, with the song "Faith" in mind: Gotta have faith, ooh, I gotta faith ... Ironically that's one of my favorite George Michael songs!

Well, that just proves something else ... I can be shallow sometimes!

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