Friday, January 13, 2012

"I'm Baaaaack!" - Take Two

Well.. Well.. Well..

Here we go again! 

How's everyone doing? I'm baaaaack! Again!!! loool :D

In case anyone of my lovely readers is actually missing my blog, enjoy my comeback! Take two! ;P 

Yes, I'm aware that I've already pointed out I was coming back like two months ago (yikes!), but as usual, distractions & sharing thoughts elsewhere (on my FB & Twitter pages) have been really pushing me away from my dear blog! I miss you, dear blog! I miss my humble number of readers! Even those who just pass by & never leave their thoughts! I miss the blogosphere, even though it certainly doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was. I've noticed that less & less reader comments are being submitted every day, at least here in Kuwait. Even the most popular blogs are getting far much less comments than, say, just a year or two ago. Now, I'm not talking about page traffic, so please, don't get me wrong. 

I wonder why.

Why aren't readers (of Kuwaiti blogosphere) leaving comments as much as in the past? For one major reason, I think I have to blame addictive social networks & mobile messaging for that. For example, Twitter has taken over the lives of Kuwaiti users especially in the last year, that a lot of them have virtually shifted from Facebook to Twitter! And then, there's WhatsApp, this highly engaging mobile messaging app that got more people really connected & made those who don't have it installed miss a lot & feel like such aliens. Having so many social networks one is a member of is definitely adding to the reasons why fewer readers are leaving comments anymore; they're simply being bombarded with millions of pieces of news & information by the second! 

And I can't say I haven't caught the bug. You see, due to the faster pace of life (which keeps getting faster & faster & never slowing down!), I've been finding myself sharing my thoughts & interesting things I find online in a Facebook post or a tweet. That's mostly what's been keeping me away from my beloved blog.

But I'm back! I miss the cosiness of "independence" & "ME" here. My own space where I share my most deep inner thoughts & journalistic covers. I have so much thoughts & ideas to work on to perfect my little space. I wish I get a lot of things productively done this year. One of my new year's resolutions is to bring my blog back to my priorities & make it far much better!!! 

Wish me luck, everyone! :D

And since this is my first post in 2012: 

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR to all! ;P 
May this year really becomes a better year for the whole wide world!!


P.S: It will really mean a lot, boost my motivation level, lift my spirits & get me going, if my lovely readers (& passersby!) took just a "little" pause & left me an encouraging "Welcome Back!" &/or "Good Luck!" after reading this :)

Thank you!


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  1. Go for it .. Blogging is in ur blood :p welcome back dear !

  2. Thank you my dear, POsha!!! You're the first who's welcomed my second comeback post! ;P hee hee you deserve a special treat! ;PPP

    Keep coming back, dear! ;D


  3. ya welcome ya welcome..nawerty il blog ;)

    dont be discouraged if no one leaves a comment.. there are a lot of silent readers out there.

    1. Thanks 7amood! inta illy nawart the blog with your encouraging comment! Are you new or an old (but silent :P) reader of "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"? Would love to see you around; keep visiting! :)

  4. i am a new reader.. but I try to visit a new blog every now and then to show some encouragement.

    a word of advice.. write for yourself, and not for anyone else. even if no one visit your blog or leaves a comment, if blogging makes you feel good about yourself, then keep doing it.

    btw, i read you story about the stray kitten and I see how much you love cats. We have 5.. no 6.. wait.. no 5 cats at home (i keep losing track because every day a new cat is born, and just after giving birth the mom usually runs away with 3itwy il fureej).. anyway, what was i saying.. oh yes, we have 5 cats at home w b9ara7a m2athina.. you are more than welcome to take them off our hands.. thats them with my bro

    anyway take care and keep on blogging :)

  5. Hello! Welcome again! Thanks for the encouragement and advice!
    When I first started off this blog, I initially started it as a personal getaway; I didn't even know how to manage comments nor expect them! I didn't advertise, just wrote mostly for myself (and the few people I shared my blog with). But later things changed as I started to get more readers and started covering some event for the blog; that's when things were the most thrilling and motivating. It feels so much different when you actually interact with your own readers instead of just writing and never expecting some feedback. True, writers should not be expecting feedback, but I'm not just a writer here, Im a blogger, and bloggers thrive over readers comment. I'm not writing an article in a magazine or a newspaper (although readers can leave comments no the e-versions). From my blog stats, I can see that people do check my blog, but how will I ever know if they really stopped to read, not just glance and leave? The only evidence that would let me know someone's has been touched by my own writings is by reading their comments and views about it.

    So, yeah, I do write for me initially, but I also love sharing it with the world, and love to have some feedback every now and then :)


    Awww! Those are PRECIOUS ma sha' Allah! I wish I could have one of them, but I can't, however, so many people are dying to get one of those! My cousin is looking for a kitty actually, I should send her the link! But don't you have any recent pics of them? That video is very old, they must be over a year old!

    And PLEASE! Never throw them away in the street! If anything heart-breaking for me is to see some precious home cat being thrown out when people cannot take care of them anymore. There are lots of people who would be glad to adopt your kitties, so spread it around, and be patient!
    you can also post put them for adoption over at specialized adoption centers! I shall post about this matter! hopefully, I do so soon! Keep visiting to know more details!
    And until then, please promise to keep them safe, ok?




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