Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes Man!!! "Say YES To LIFE!!!"

I can't wait for Jim Carrey's new movie "Yes Man" that's coming out Jan 22nd in theatres across Kuwait. I've been avoiding any reviews related to the movie because some people just dont know how to describe something without spoiling it to others! I rather wait & see for myself thanks!

As a subscriber to Jim Carrey Online newsletter (yes I'm a Jim Fan!), I get all these yummy & juicy news every now & then, & I couldn't't help but drool on waiting & waiting for this movie to come!
Everyone knows how long I've been anticipating this movie (just like any other JC movie ...). I even have managed to convince my sister (who's not a JC fan! *rolls her eyes* LOL) on going to see it (as if I won't go if she says no!!! LOL)

So yesterday when I saw the 'coming soon movies' ad in the paper I let out a happy shriek (& maybe a littel dance?? I don't remember!) & said to mom (who's not the biggest fan either! lol - seriousely, how could we be related?? LOL) that his movie is gonna be shown next week, & my mom just rolles her eyes as she always do! LOL My mom makes me laugh!

So, God willing, after I go & watch it, I will be posting a review (with no spoilers, don't worry!)

I just hope it's gonna be great. After the last movie (23) which was a total disaster (can you believe I still haven't finished it?!)... I really wanna see something great!

But I'm sure it's gonna be good, considering the fact that it topped number one on the box office on its first week!

So what's this movie all about?
Based on the best-selling book by Danny Wallace of the same title, Carrey plays a man who decides to say “Yes” to every opportunity that comes his way for an entire year in a new way of change turning his life totally upside down resulting in endless comedic adventures!

Here is the trailer:

you can also watch another trailer with a totally clear version here :)


P.S: Today's is Jim Carrey's 47's Birthday! (Wow, he's really old!!! Ha ha!)

Happy Birthday Jim! :D
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