Saturday, January 3, 2009

OMG!!!!!! No! No! عيب عليكم يالراي!! و الله عيب!!!

What the ... ????!!! @@!!!!!!!

Has anyone seen "Alrai" newspaper yesterday????

Did you see the picture on the front cover???

What were they thinking??????????????

How could any Kuwaiti newspaper publish such a picture? And on the cover!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you Alrai!!!! Really shame on you!!!!

I’ve always thought of this paper as an example of freedom & audacity, & I kinda admired that about them, but to publish such a horrendous picture on the cover of a Kuwaiti publication & to post it again inside on pages 8 & 9 !!!! That is just ...!!!!

If you haven’t seen the picture(s), it (they) was (were) about some teens celebrating the new year in the streets of Kuwait. Ok, what’s the problem??? What got me so disturbed & utterly disgusted?? The problem is not about a bunch of ignorant helpless teenage boys who were celebrating on the streets, the problem is what some of them were doing!
When celebrating anything, you will find people cheering & dancing. That’s normal & pleasant. But when something turns ugly, & some people dance “improperly” you can’t just look away!!!

Now if this was in some private celebration, I wouldn’t say anything. Each to their own. But when this happens in a public place, & to top it all, be published on the front cover of a Kuwaiti newspaper with no reference to the hideous attitude? No, I wouldn’t shut up.

At first, I really didn’t notice. My eyes just wondered about fast to scan all the pictures. But then my eyes spotted the repulsive posture of a couple of teenage boys. They were dancing.


Arrrg I don’t wanna remember that!!! So disgusting!

Seriously!!! Did our children sink that low? & not privately as it’s always been, but publicly! & in front of cameras & cops nearby????!!!!!!!

What were they thinking? And by “they” I’m not referring to the boys, (because obviously they wern't thinking at all; they’re just a couple of ignorant-copycats-who-think-dancing-dirty-is-cool & awesome-whose-families-I-truly-feel-sorry-for). I’m talking about the paper. I'm talking about the one responsible for putting such an insulting picture on the cover of a newspaper! That picture does not only make me sick to my stomach but also insults every descent human being living here. At a time where there are wars everywhere around us, hatred, & terrorism, & at time where local issues are not at their best, we don’t need anything more embarrassing!

It’s great to find such a juicy material when you are a journalist, I know, but not everything can be published!!!!!

I really want those pictures to be removed from the paper’s site! Not for the sake of those ignorant teenage boys, but for us & their families (which I pray to God that they do care) & everyone who loves this precious land.

I'm not against the article as some people are. We need to know what young teenagers did on New Year’s Eve, even though we might not like it. But it’s not a good thing to publish everything. I really think the concerning 2 pictured should be removed as soon as possible. I don’t need to specify which two as I’m 100 % positive everyone will know which two I’m talking about.

Shame on the photographer who took those pictures …

Shame on the editor who chose to publish these pictures …

Really shame on Alrai newspaper!

I’m glad that I’m not the only one thinking that way. Several comments were posted on the article's page opposing these pictures. Here are some bits:

By خالد العنزي :
وجهة نظر :
"واللي يبي يعرف حال بعض الشباب يشووف الصورة اللي فوق والوضعية اللي كانو عليها الشباب شتسوى عليهم اهلهم يشوفون الصورة والمصيبة ان هالاشكال اهي اللي تنشاف بس "
By فاتن الغريب :
الكويت أرقى من ذلك :
"أعتب على جريدة لرأي لأن هذه الصور لا تمثل دولة الكويت و لكنها تمثل شريحة من المراهقين و الشباب الحديثي السن الذين يعيشون دون توجيه و في حالة تسيب و بذخ،"

By كويتيه تفتخر :
كفوو والله رجال المستقبل ^^ :
"مافيها أي نوع من الوناسه =\ جنه قاعدين في بار اللهم يا كافي هذيلا عيال الكويت @@ مستحيييييل ، احنا ارقى من جذي وماتربينا على هالمصاخه والحركات البايخه .. لو يتم ازالت هالصور واايد أفضل لأنها ماتشرف الديره للأسف !!"

By بو علي :
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله :
"شالمسخرة هذي !!؟ والله فشلتونا .. العالم بوادي و الشعب بوادي !!"

& there are lots more opposing comments ...

My God forgives us for what some of us do ... "لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله"

"اللهم لا تؤخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا"

I wonder if the cops have seen these acts being carried out right in front of them & whether they did something to stop such appalling manners …

If you are searching for a link to the page, you wont find one. I don't want to link that page in my blog. “ما يشرفني هالشي!”. If anyone wants to see it, they can go to the paper's site archive & see for themselves. It’s on yesterday’s, Jan 2nd.

*Takes a deep sigh*

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