Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buried Under a Load of Drafts???

If you got a notification of a new blog entry from me & came to find that the so called “new post” was so far from being new, don't worry. Your mind isn't playing tricks on you & your eyes are not deceiving you. You’re totally fine!

It’s just that I like my post to be perfect (& by perfect I mean up to my standards), so I keep editing & re-editing (I might as well write a book!), & then try to find the perfect picture to go with it (that is the hardest part!) & all of that takes a lot of time & effort & I’m really busy & don’t have a lot of time!!!
So, whenever I find a spare hour (make that hours!), I try to finish editing the drafts & preventing them from staying that way forever …

It’s really ok as long as the thing I’m writing about isn’t past due! (A few days old, is ok!)

So, do look back at older months in the archive that you may have already gone threw, you might find a “new-old” post that you missed (because of me!)! he he he

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