Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts on a New Year...

"Thoughts on a New Year..."

By: Just a Bunch of Thoughts

The new year, still infant,
Will you feed your baby?
Will you paint a smile?
Will you wash your face and hope for a little while?

You should hug yourself,
You should love...
You should paint and draw with big wide eyes.

Never waste another minute,
Never waste another smile,
Never look back in tears for they are not worthwhile.

Hug your baby and dance for a while.
Feed it with love and peacefulness, 
Feed it with knowledge and wise.
For your baby shall grow strong and smart,
And would be ready to fly.
You shall say goodbye,
But you won't cry,
For you shall expect another baby.
And you shall feed it and raise till last.
That's what you need to do,
If you want to have a meaning to your life


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