Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That Poor Baby!

That is the cutest little donkey I have ever seen, but with the saddest story I have ever heard!

Poor Baby! :(

Btw, why don't they let another female donkey nurse him?? lol
But I know I would wanna take care of that helpless baby if I could ... :)

Hope he grows up & get healthier & stronger :D

& kudus to that caring loving woman for taking care of that cute baby donkey!


& I just would like to know WHY did the mother get shot in the first place??? Was it an accident, or was it on purpose??? Why this wasn't included in the news???


  1. aww this is bambie all over again !

  2. woman apollo:

    yeah he's so cute awwww! poor baby!

    thnx 4 stopping by here sweety :)



    ur right! that totally crossed my mind!!
    awwww! 7abeeby wallah ...



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