Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Does a Kuwaiti Guy Show He Likes You?

I just passed by this blog on Shine/Yahoo, on "Signs a Guy Really Likes You", & normally, I don't read those love/relationship articles cuz: 1. I'm not married nor engaged, & 2. They usually don't work for our conservative culture anyways, so It's not for me, however, I couldn't resist reading this one.

I read the first few points, & scanned the rest, cuz, just as usual, I didn't see any real interest in them (at least for me), except maybe getting general knowledge. I wondered if those really work on Kuwaiti guys ... but I cant say... after all, we don't live in the same place, or share the same culture of the writer of that blog ... so, I was about to move the cursor to navigate away form the page when this idea hit me: Why not ask them?

So here I am, asking all Kuwaiti guys:

What Do You Do When You Really Like a Girl?


  1. hehe
    wow amazing question !! cant wait to read the answers =D

  2. the article was pretty general, and applies to most men in more ways than you would think. yes, we have cultural differences but you can tell if you open your eyes to the signs.

    i completely agree with points 7 and 9.

    although i agree mostly with this article, i know a lot of guys who just love the female attention, so you would find them going through most of these but just want to be popular with the ladies.

    i just realized how useless my response was lol. plus i'm saudi, so i don't know if my opinion will count ;)

  3. انزين معلش بس ثقافتي مو ذاك الزود انجليزية

    بس باجاوبج بالانجليزي..و بكل بساطة

    ask her to marry me

  4. dear frogman & mtfa2el:

    thnx 4 stopping by & commenting i really appreciate ur collaboration :)

    i will get back to u later as im really busy right now ...



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