Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some People Have ZERO Patience!

I'm so pissed right now! I still cannot let it go! I have to write about it!

Last night, I went to the bank to check out my balance & I used the car - drive. Now, there was just one car in fornt of me. I was relieved that there weren't too many people as I don't like to be crowded especially when money & privacy is involved! So being my private self, I kept quite a distance between me & the car infront. That's just me, I don't like to let people feel suffocated by me practically nudging them! But, alas! Not everyone thinks like I do, & not everyone treats people the way they wanna be treated! This car came after me, & ever since I saw it, I got the feeling I wasn't going to like it. And I was right.

The fornt car left, & it was my turn. I move a head & to my bad luck, I parked a little bit far so I had to re-park my car so that I could reach the machine perfectly. It wasn't perfect nor comfortable, but it was in reach. So I entered the card, punched in the pin code, twice becuase I missed a number, then a screen appeared. It wasn't the screen I wanted. Baffled, & a little nervous I was gonna make the car behind late, I took out my card & re-entered it to try again. The same happened. I was getting more nervous & annoyed because the car behind keeps flashing their brights at me! Don't people have some patience anymore? Wait a little! It's not the end of the world! The machine isn't giving me what I want! So I try for the third time, & this time I decided to draw in some cash, & see my balance after that in the recite. But the minimum cash withdrawal was 30 KD! I wasn't sure if I even have that! So, I chose cancel & type in the amount I want. I typed in 10 KD, but then something happened that I do not recall now, & somehow the page I wanted all along came on! So, by then, I wasn't giving up, & I had to see my balance. & I saw it, but I couldn't get a receipt , so I had to memorise it, but God, how hard it was to memorise with all that bright-flashing behind me!!! Couldn't you just wait a little!!! It's not like I've been there for ages! It was so fast, even though you might think it took so long with all these attempts! I was doing everything fast, but the impatient lady (I assume she was, I really couldn't see because I was concentrating on my thing) really messed me up! I tried so hard to forget it (I'm a patient person, I can let go on annoying drivers almost every time, but this one is not on the list!). Couldn't she wait a little? Doesnt she know that people should be concentrating on delicate matters? It's not TV I'm watching! She really bugged me big time! I even doubted that I might have forgotton to take out my recite, (but I didn't because I chose not to take any.) God! I hate people like this!

I really should've stopped & talked to her! But I just remembered it's Ramadan, & I better leave it to God. & I did pray to him to take my revenge!!!

I'm really pissed!

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