Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Self Discovery, anyone?

Last night, I started a survey about my self. I know It's weird, but It's really important to me. I'm in a phase where I want to see what I think about me, & compare it to what others perceive about me. I want to know what characteristics might apply to me, good or bad (with emphasis on the bad ones!), so that I can improve myself, & try to fix the bad qualities.

I used to never care much about people's opinions of me, but in recent years, I've discovered that it's a bit important, & can really lighten up your thoughts & days!

My goal is to ask people in four categories: First, there's family, then best friends/friends, colleagues, and finally total strangers.

Might sound strange, but people do that quite often without them thinking. They do take self quizzes, don't they? Well, what's better than surveying people to know more about yourself? I think it's really important.

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